State Trooper, another driver injured in six-car pileup on I-264

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On Thursday, a Virginia State Trooper was involved in a 6-car pileup on I-264 Westbound. The trooper and another driver were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

State police say Trooper A.P. Leigh was going westbound pacing a driver who police say was speeding.

They say the driver made a sudden lane change due to stopped traffic.

The trooper was unable to stop and then slammed into a stopped vehicle from behind, causing a chain reaction. Six vehicles, including the trooper’s vehicle, were involved.

Trooper Leigh and another driver were taken to Sentara Norfolk General for minor injuries.

Police are still investigating this accident.


  • Chris Armitage

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    • Tony

      Chris, you do realize that NBC is a big supporter of the NFL, right? And this stupid sport? Really? You obviously are speaking as an uneducated individual and I am not sure what your “advertising dollars” are, but not one TV network needs your money. The only reason you pay to get on their station is because you want to be seen on those stations. They could care less about you. So you might have to just start renting a plane to pull a banner for you because if that’s your mentality, I’m going to find it hard for you to find anywhere to pay for advertising.

  • DinkWink

    The only idiot driver was using blue lights. He made a mistake. He put people’s lives at risk to catch a speeder.

  • jeff

    How many times have you been driving on the interstate or expressway and the drivers in front of you slam on their brakes because a state trooper is on the side of the road with thier lights on. I dare say they do more harm than good sitting on the roadside. Is it worth it to the state to get that ticket revenue at the cost of causing an accident and endangering lives. They should stay off heavily travelled expressways and interstates in urban areas, and be used in a reactive capacity, responding only when an incident occurs.

  • DieselEMD

    Pacing a car means the trooper did not have on his blue lights, and is subject to the law like anyone else. The trooper should be charged with reckless driving among other charges. The car he was pacing should be charged accordingly for improper lane change and reckless driving.

  • Equality

    That means the trooper caused the accident. Wonder if he got a ticket for running in the back of the other car.

  • Mandy

    I both have needed a trooper and have been in a car accident, but by God’s grace had assistance and safety. The news gets reported sometimes by what viewers see. Most of these pictures were taken by driver’s on the other side of the road, so maybe we need to watch out for them. No phone while driving please. I pray that both Trooper and driver are safe and well. We need to start turning negativity into prayer and safety for all.

  • Troopers Brother

    See the funny thing is if the guy speeding were to be the one who hit someone and injured them you all would be asking why wasnt the Trooper doing his job and trying to catch him? Everyone is so quick to say something about what he was or wasnt doing. Fact is no matter what he did someone would say something so get out of your glass house and worry about yourselves.

  • Jake

    Bottom line is Trooper was doing his job? Everyone is human mistakes happen. Everyone can talk trash and bash what happened but the bottom line is if you every call 911 and need them you would want them trying to get to you as fast as possible as well…am i right?

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