Woman stressed out with cat posts video to get rid of it

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In the market for a bad kitty? One woman is offering to give her feisty feline away after she says the cat has been stressing her out.

In the video, she says nice things about the cat. She calls it loving and says he is kind, all while he is fighting her in the background!

Would you take him home?


    • Jim D

      She is in no way provoking the cat. The cat thinks she is playing, with those ineffective swats. I detest animal cruelty, but this cat needs a good slap. It needs to know what in appropriate play is.

        • Jason

          because YOU dont? Jim is not completely wrong or completely right. Yes she was provoking him, but unintentionally. The cat is being playful. And NO, the light swats she is giving him is NOT abuse. The cat obviously thinks she is playing. This woman really needs to invest in a spray bottle.

  • tricia

    Well, if she wasn’t smacking the cat around , maybe he wouldn’t be aggressive. She’s not a cat person, someone please rescue this attention starved little guy!

  • kiplingkat

    He isn’t aggressive. If he was actually attacking, he would be moving at 100 miles an hour, twisting, clawing and biting so hard he breaks skin. He’s trying to play. By hitting him, she is teaching him to play rougher, more aggressively. When a cat does something in play you don’t like, you walk away. Don’t interact, don’t give them the feedback they want. They will figure out that particular behavior means play ends and stop doing it.

    If she thinks hitting an animal is an appropriate or even an effective way to train, she should not have animals.

  • Adele Vincent

    She’s waving her arm and fingers in the air and wondering why an adolescent cat is attacking her. She’s also open handed slapping that cat – which is just abusive. If she had watched “My Cat from Hell” instead of the cat – she’d know he needs play time! Lots of play time. Probably with a kitty teaser wand. There’s nothing wrong with that cat that a home that understands cats couldn’t fix. Play (energy expended). Be gentle – they’ll be gentle back. I’d take that cat in a heartbeat if I had the room. I can’t stand people who pick on helpless animals.

  • Natasha

    stupid human–innocent poor cat—rescue the cat and do not let this dumbo have another cat or heaven forbid she has a human because she would probably be a stupid parent as well

  • ashleybrnhm

    Neither one of my cats have ever acted that way. Obviously you didn’t do something right. The only cats I know of who acted like that were my cousin’s and that’s because they were treated right, they were bullied and that’s how they fought back, by attacking anywhere they could. I’ve had my oldest for almost 13 years and he’s never tried attacking me that way. Sure, he’s bit my fingers being playful and I’ve had playful scratches never like this and I didn’t keep swatting at him either.

    -cat lover

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