Man charged with feeding dog meat filled with razor blades

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – A Kentucky man faces charges after police say he fed his neighbor’s dog meat filled with razor blades, according to a report from via WLKY.

Jim Stotts said his dog, Nibbles, started to show signs of pain on July 15. A vet discovered a blockage in the dog’s stomach. Stotts was unable to pay $600 for the treatment and the dog died on July 18, the report says.

The same day Nibbles died, Stotts said he stopped Bolt from chewing on something.

“It was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razorblade stuffed in the side. I found three pieces. The fourth piece was the one Nibbles got,” Stotts said.

Stotts’ neighbor, Robert Hamme, 60, admitted to police he placed razorblades in the meat because he was frustrated with the dog’s constant barking. He admitted to officers he threw the meat over his neighbor’s fence, according to the report.

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  • Mitch

    Throw the book at Hamme. What a waste of air he is!
    And to Mr. Stotts, don’t get any more pets. Your dog died of something that sounds as if it was fixable. I am sorry for you and your family, but don’t put another animal through a painful death because you don’t have the money to help them.
    To the vet, shame on you for not working with Mr. Stotts and allowing that precious dog to die. My vet would have put someone in a similar situation in touch with organizations and individuals willing to help.

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