Ebola fears spread as another country reports citizen killed

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ATLANTA (CNN) — Another country has reported that one of its citizens died from Ebola — bringing the overall death toll in West Africa closer to 900.

A Nigerian nurse died after helping care for an Ebola patient, the country’s Ministry of Health said Wednesday. The nurse was part of the medical staff that treated a Liberian-American man who had traveled to Nigeria and died.

Nigeria has also confirmed another five cases of Ebola, the Health Ministry said.

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  • Amy Parker

    I’m tired of comments like “There’s no chance of it spreading”, “We have it contained”, “These are experienced and trained professionals”, and on and on. Does no one else find it disheartening that sooo many of the “trained and experienced” medical professionals are becoming infected? I believe we’ve all been misled. Agreeably, we’ve been told it’s out of control and spreading rapidly. However, there has to be some other mode of transmission that we are not being told.
    As I’ve said before, and will say again, with exception of smallpox all of the other viruses classified as a BSL 4 are hemorrhagic fevers! Ebola had never, ever made its way to western civilization soil until last week!
    We have taken many, many steps backward by allowing this to happen!

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