Do you ever let your kids win?

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A dad’s blog post about why he and his wife never let their kids win at games has sparked conversations online.

The dad in the article says he loves his kids and wants them to learn something.

He says they aren’t ultra competitive, and don’t rely on complex strategies to come out on top, but they want their kids to know about winning and losing.

And when they play, sometimes the kids do win.

No matter the score, he says he’s always proud of his kids and wants them to succeed.

What kind of horribly competitive parents would do this? We are the kind of parents who love our kids and who actually want them to learn something about winning AND losing as they grow up. Somewhere along the line our culture came to the conclusion that our kids must win at everything. Every participant gets a trophy and we don’t use red marks on school papers. Well sorry kids, that doesn’t fly in our house and we will never “let” you beat us.

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  • Margaret

    Sometimes my poor son can’t win at certain games, no matter what he does. He is always a gracious loser but losing game after game can be awfully discouragin. If letting him win a game or 2 every once in awhile puts a smile on his face and gives a little hoost to his self esteem, then I see no problem with doing that and I won’t apologize for that.

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