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Four hurt, 14 displaced in Virginia Beach duplex fire

Virginia Beach, Virginia - Four people were hurt, including a 14 year-old and a firefighter, after a kitchen fire quickly spread in a duplex after someone left food cooking on a stove.

One unit was destroyed and another was damaged by smoke. A total of 14 people have been displaced.

Fire crews responded to the fire on Morrison Avenue, off South Lynnhaven Road around 3:30am Thursday. Everyone was able to get out before firefighters arrived.

The fire was under control in 20 minutes.

Three peopleĀ sustained minor injuries and were treated at the scene. The 14 year-old was transported to the hospital to be evaluated.

A firefighter was also treated at the scene. She hurt her arm while fighting the flames but is going to be okay.

The Red Cross is assisting the families.

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  • iqdou

    unattended cooking….one of the main causes of home fires. I don’t get it, tho. Seems to be a whole lotta people doing a whole long of things in life without any responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions) whatsoever. and then sometimes I wonder whether it is irresponsibility or is it plain stupidity — because there are MANY afflicted with that.

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