Loose Pit Bull shot during attack on Isle of Wight Animal Control officers

One of two stray Pit Bulls was shot last Friday after attacking several Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control officers attempting to capture the dogs.

The Sheriff’s Office says Animal Control officers responded to the 23000 block of Pearl Court for a report of two stray Pit Bulls running at large in the area.

One officer located the dogs and attempted to capture them, but was attacked by one of the dogs. The officer was able to get back into the vehicle and call for assistance.

Two additional Animal Control officers responded, one of which was also attacked by one of the dogs. The officer then fired a single shot into the shoulder of the dog while it was attacking.

The owner, who resides in Carrollton, arrived and retrieved both dogs. The dog that was shot was taken to a veterinarian and released.

The officers only suffered minor injuries.

The incident is still under investigation.


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