Les Smith’s Quest for the Best BBQ: Currituck BBQ Company

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NewsChannel 3 is on a quest for the best barbecue.

That quest has led our Les Smith and Kurt Williams to Currituck  BBQ Company.

What do you think about this place? Leave your comments below!


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  • Goins Gang

    Hands down the best BBQ around SE Virginia and Eastern North Carolina…Food Network blew it by not having Guy stop by and do a segment for Triple D…but…you guys got it right by visiting!

  • Cathy Talley Banks

    We have eaten there several times. The BBQ is good, but not the best I have had. ON a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, I would give it an 8. The BEST BBQ around anywhere in SE VA and NE NC is at SOUTHLAND in Moyock. NOT THE RESTURANT – but rather the snack bar in the building that houses the tobacco shop. Their BBQ is TRUE NC PULLED BBQ with tender hunks as big as your thumb. It beats any I have tried and I have tasted it all the way from Pigmans in Nags Head to Kings BBQ in Petersburg and Doumars in between. I give SOUTHLAND BBQ a 10.
    Cathy Talley Banks

  • Tammy Davis White

    I 100% agree with Cathy, Southland’s snack bar’s BBQ is the best.. I love it, and I am very picky when it comes to BBQ..most is dried out and tasteless not Southland’s.. You got to go do theirs you will not be dissapointed at all.

  • Jason

    Ive been told Southland does not make their BBQ they get it from Nixons and another BBQ joint and from what I understand they mix them together and serve.

  • Teresa

    I have eaten there several times as we’ll as other BBQ places in currituck, and Currituck BBQ is the best in town!!

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