Man allegedly watches as his pit bull mauls stray cat in Newport News

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Johnell Richard Neal

Johnell Richard Neal

A 37-year-old Newport News man was arrested Saturday night after he allegedly let his pit bull maul a stray cat.

Police say surveillance video shows Johnell Richard Neal allowing his pit bull mauling the cat near 25th Street while Neal held the dog on a chain.

The attack lasted for several minutes and Neal did not make any attempts to stop the dog or rescue the cat.

After the cat was killed, Neal walked away from the scene.

He was arrested shortly afterwards on 25th Street and Chestnut Avenue and is being charged with animal cruelty.


  • Margaret

    Sounds to me like that dog has been trained to kill and he was testing the dog’s skills with that poor cat. I’d check this guy out for dog fighting – I bet there’s a link somewhere!

    • christiancelt

      Update of 26th July, 2014
      24 DEAD SO FAR – Fighting Breed Dogs killed 20 (including 11 CHILDREN)
      – All other breeds combined killed 4 (including 3 CHILDREN)
      – 11 child victims of Fighting Breed Dogs (0 – 18 y/o)
      – 5 elderly adult victims of Fighting Breed Dogs (over 65 y/o)
      – 4 Adults (18 – 64 y/o)
      – 3 child victims of any other dog breeds (0 – 18 y/o)
      – 1 elderly adult victim of any other dog breeds (over 65 y/o)
      – 6 victims of Fighting Breed Dogs came from TEXAS (4 adults, 2 children)
      – 2 victims of Fighting Breed Dogs came from ALABAMA (1 adult, 1 child)
      – 2 victims of Fighting Breed Dogs came from OHIO (1 adult, 1 child)
      – The following States have all suffered one victim (9 victims in total) of Fighting Breed Dogs so far: Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Cincinnati, Florida, Michigan.
      1. Christina Burleston~43 y/o~Houston TX~2+ Pit Bulls~01/05/14
      2. Betty Clark~75 y/o~San Antonio TX~2 x Pit Bulls~01/06/14
      3. Kara Hartrich~4 y/o~Bloomington IL~2 or 3 Pit Bulls~01/17/14
      4. Annabell Martin~89 y/o~Corona CA~2 x Rottweilers~01/26/14
      5. Klonda Richey~57 y/o~Dayton OH~2 x Cane Corso/Mastiffs~02/07/14
      6. Je’vaeh Mayes~2 y/o~Temple TX~1 Pit Bull~02/17/14
      7. Braelynn Coulter~3 y/o~High Park NC~1 Pit Bull~02/24/14
      8. Summer Sears~4 y/o~Tallassee AL~Mixed Breeds (tbc)~02/26/14
      9. Raymane Robinson~2 y/o~Killeen TX~1 x Bull Mastiff~03/01/14
      10. Kenneth Santillan~13 y/o~Patterson NJ~1 x Bull Mastiff~03/01/14
      11. Nancy Newberry~77 y/o~Phoenix AZ~1 x Pit Bull~03/15/14
      12. Mia Derouen~4 y/o~Houma LA~1 x Pit Bull~03/26/14
      13. Dorothy Hamilton~85 y/o~Kaufman TX~2 x Pit Bulls 03/31/14
      14. Christopher Malone~3 y/o~Holmes Co MS~1 or 2 Pit Bulls~04/01/14
      15. John Harvard~5 y/o~St Clair Co AL~1 x Pit Bull~04/07/14
      16. Petra Aguirre~83 y/o~San Antonio TX~1 x AmStaff Mix~04/11/14
      17. Katie Morrison~20 y/o~Lee Co AL~3 x Pit Bulls~05/04/14
      18. Nyhiem Wilfong~1 y/o~Caldwell Co NC~1 x Rottweiler~05/05/14
      19. Kasii Haith~4 y/o~Kent Co DE~3 x Pit Bulls~05/08/14
      20. Rita Pepe~93 y/o~Branford CT~1 x Pit Bull~05/25/14
      21. Holden Garrison~10wks~Springfield T’ship MI~Catahoula (possibly Bulldog type)~06/08/14
      22. Logan Shepard~4 y/o~Riverview FL~2 x Pit Bulls~07/19/14
      23. Jonathon Quarles Jr~7months~Dayton OH~1 x Pit Bull~07/20/14
      24. Craig Sytsma~46 y/o~Lapeer Co MI~2 x Cane Corsos~07/23/14
      1. Carlos Trevina~54 y/o~Idaho Falls ID~heart attack after trying to separate multiple fighting family Pit Bulls~01/08/14
      2. Demonta Collins~13 y/o~Richmond Co GA~chased into traffic by loose Pit Bull~04/10/14
      3. Davon Jiggetts~17 y/o~Fulton Co GA~chased into traffic by loose Pit Bull~04/12/14

    • Lesley Karen Luscombe

      It is a common and misguided belief that Pit Bulls have to be trained to fight and kill. They don’t. They will do naturally and instinctively. Many many owners have to find out the hard way, what their dog is all about, what it was designed for, what it was born to do. All dogs are purpose bred, and Pit Bulls were and are bred for nothing but violence. First rule of Pit Bull ownership – NEVER trust your Pit Bull not to fight. They can have you fooled for a long time, but when they DO behave as they are supposed to behave, they leave their owners heartbroken and shocked, and their victim (be it human or pet animal) either dead or hideously mutilated.

  • Chaplain Don

    I have no love for pit bulls or owners. I was attacked by 2 in 1003 while at work leaving me with stiches and 1 month out of work. Fortunally the city of va. Beach paid my medical as i worked for them. The3y tried to recover cost from owner who filed bankrupt. I was told “they are gentile sweet dogs if trained right” I say bull—-T. They are lethal and should be put away like this one did to the cat.

    • christiancelt

      Can you imagine what life is like for the rest of Pit victims?…. the filing for bankruptcy is the common thread. Less than 2% of victims ever get restitution or compensation. One solution that would be a good idea is to make this a ‘non protected’ item in bankruptcy laws. It’s the reason that the case in Maryland wound up with their Supreme Court declaring Pits ‘inherently dangerous’. The Solesky family faced over $500,000.00 in medical bills after their son was attacked. The filed suit and the owner filed for bankruptcy. They sued the landlord who was a friend of the Pit owner and they proved that he knew that the dog was dangerous… and he had the insurance. They were awarded $600,000.00 and it stood on appeal. There is a legal principal of Scienter is a legal term that refers to intent or knowledge of wrongdoing. This means that an offending party has knowledge of the “wrongness” of an act or event prior to committing it.
      Scienter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • April

        What about all the murderers and drunk drivers? Is it ok because it’s not a dog that did the damage? Are we going to go around telling people we need to put them down because they’re type have been known to kill people? I could sit here and give you a list that’s probably about 100x longer than your list from the dog fatalities in the US of murderers or people killed by drunk drivers. And if you really want to get into it, I’m sure we could break it down into race to see who’s the majority. Yes, I agree that people should not train their dogs to fight but I don’t agree in going around saying that ALL fighting breed dogs should be killed. I have an American Bulldog and I can guarantee you that my dog will NEVER attack anybody unless I were being attacked. And he looks somewhat like a pit but they are COMPLETELY different dogs. I wouldn’t want somebody going around and kill my dog because they have a thing against pits and they thought he was one. People expect a fair chance and so do dogs. And where is the blame on the man who taught his dog that that was ok. It’s not the dogs fault, blame the person who caused it to be like that. They’re just doing what their owner taught them to do.

        • Lesley Karen Luscombe

          This is about dogs. Please stick with the subject. An American Bulldog IS a Pit Bull. You can not guarantee any such thing. The most dangerous Pit Bull of all, is the one you trust in such a way. Fighting Breed dogs don’t need to be trained to fight; they are born fight ready. Genetics; don’t ever discount or ignore genetics.

          • April

            Your partially correct. It is about the dogs but dogs feed off of their owners attitudes and energy and what the owners taught them or didn’t teach them. I would put money on the fact that my American Bulldog would never attack anyone unless I was being attacked, which is his job. If a dog growls at him, it doesn’t phase him. And if a car pulls up beside us when I’m walking him, if I don’t feel threatened, he doesn’t and just wants the attention. He loves kids..doesn’t matter if it’s a group of 20 kids surrounding him, he’s completely content. Dogs shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their breeds. Just like humans shouldn’t because of their race or sexual orientation. So they two topics really do go hand in hand. At least humans should have the sense to know better, while the dog just does what his owner taught him. There are also plenty of other dogs out there that kill the birds, voles, moles, squirrels, etc. Anything that was originally bred to hunt like beagles will kill ANYTHING they can get. You think pit bulls are the only ones that attack. I’m sure that rat terrier that lives behind me was just being friendly when he charged at me when he got into my back yard. The only reason it’s always pits in the news is because it’s newsworthy. You are incorrect about american bulldogs being pit bulls. American Bulldogs are more related to the mastiffs and not pit bulls. They were bred to be hunters just like beagles. They are also drastically bigger than any pit. They were also bred to be a lot less aggressive than pits. Pit bulls are either American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a mix of the 3 breeds. The pit bull is a terrier and not a mastiff and American Bulldogs don’t have any terrier in them. And even pit bulls weren’t bred to be fighters, they were meant for cattle management much like any cattle dog. Humans have taught them to be fighters and you shouldn’t blame the dog for that.


    This is so sad and the reason why some people shouldn’t own a dog or any other animal, if Pit Bulls are trained and cared for correctly they can be good dogs but you have to know how to train them properly. I wonder if he would allow him to maul a child!!

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    Just what Pit Bulls need, another story of their natural cruelty towards anything with a heartbeat. This psychopathic chump needs to have the full weight of the law thrown at him, his newly locked-and-loaded Pit Bull euthanized immediately (there is a direct link between Pit Bulls who have acted on their genetics and attacked an animal; they often go on to attack a human at a later point), and a life-long ban imposed on him from keeping ANY animal ever again. What a pathetic, cruel, pointless, sick and wicked man this creep is. Without HIS adding to the problem, thousands upon thousands of animals and birds die in the jaws of Pit Bulls; pet dogs, cats, horses, livestock, wildlife – these dogs are doing exactly what they designed and bred to do, although robbed of their true work (torturing livestock for open-field butchery and fighting each other to the death), they can and they DO turn to other animals, including us, for their kicks and their ‘sport’. It is a largely hidden tragedy, these killings of other innocent animals by Pit Bulls.

  • Nancy

    April u get the prize for stupid n delusional! Breeds r to blame when every week they put in animals n humans in the hospital or cemetary for the past ten or more years no other breed compares to them!! Get it through your thick head they were bred that some research before talking about something u clearly have no understanding of..poor pibbles go around mauling n killing cause the bogey man told them to do it that’s how stupid you sound!!

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