Child in Newport News in need of donations to help pay for medical treatments

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Newport News, Va.- A car wash was held at Hoss's Deli Saturday afternoon to raise money for four year old Cole Terrill's medical expenses.

Cole has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which causes extreme muscle weakness. The disease causes his muscles to break down, become weaker, and turn into fatty fiber.

Typically, children with the disease must use a wheelchair from 9-12 years old. Most do not live past their late teens or early 20's.

Cole's mom has to take her son to Cincinnati to see a specialist twice a year and has learned that their insurance will no longer cover some of his therapy.

To contribute to Cole's cause, please visit:

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  • Timmy McFadden

    There is probably nothing wrong with him and this is just a scam, like that little girl who was supposedly kicked out of KFC.

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