Would you call this model ‘plus-sized’?

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25-year-old Australian model Robyn Lawley is getting a lot of attention for a photo that is going viral.

Lawley is considered a ‘plus-sized’ model – but a photo that she posted on Instagram has many people wondering why.

Lawley says she was unhappy with some of the plus-size swimwear she was seeing, so she decided to create her own line.

She recently showed off one of those designs on Instagram.

Hundreds of people liked and commented on the photo, sparking an online debate of what should be considered ‘plus-sized’

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  • R Webb

    Because she is NOT a size 2! Anything over a size 8 or 10 is considered plus size in the modeling world. Gives todays young women a terrible message and unrealistic standards.

  • w8onu60

    she is definitely not a plus size!! please what a joke! What message re they trying to relay to our women?

  • Cathy

    I don’t think it should start counting as “plus” until you have to “add” an X to the size!!!

  • Tom

    Definetly NOT a plus size. Modeling Companies do not do justice to our young girls and women on how they are suppose to look like.

  • lilp

    Um, no. Definitely not a plus sized. Many women would love to be her size. Besides, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Confidence and attitude are where it’s at.

  • Go Tides!

    Everyone knows the modeling world is made up of gays. So they want models who look like thin pre-teen boys with long hair. That model is normal sized!

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