UPDATE: Harbour Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center evacuated due to electrical outage

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Update July 23: It will likely be two days before residents return to the Harbour Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center on Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk.

Nearly 150 patients and residents were moved out of the building during a span of nearly 12 hours Tuesday after a sprinkler head was activated while a contractor was performing maintenance on the generator.

That caused water to get onto much of the electrical equipment and some flooding.

James Woroneski's father Peter is a patient at the facility. He drove up from North Carolina only to be told he would get a call about where his father was being moved.

Woroneski says it was only when he started making calls Wednesday morning that he learned his father, who has diabetes and advanced dementia, had been moved to a facility in Hampton.

"He’s absolutely stressed out. He’s confused, he doesn’t know what the heck is going on,"Woroneski explained.

A statement from Harbour Pointe's owner Vanguard Healthcare Services, says that staff members have made an effort to reach out to "each and every resident's responsible party."

“Some of our resident’s family members are not listed as his or her responsible party,” said LeAnne Bailey, Harbour Pointe’s Administrator, in the statement. “We are currently trying to contact these family members from the location of their loved one.”

Staff members from Harbour Pointe have been stationed at every facility where patients were moved and at the evacuated Hampton Blvd. location to answer questions from family members.


Update July 22: There are still 20 patients left to be transported. They say the event should be wrapping up soon.

The electrical service will be evaluated by a contractor once everyone is out of the building.


Norfolk, Va. - Harbour Pointe Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has been evacuated due to an electrical outage in the building.

Officials say during routine maintenance of the generator, a sprinkler went off in the mechanical room and water got into electrical service panels. This activated the fire alarm at around 12:45 p.m. and Norfolk Fire and Rescue responded.

There was some flooding inside of the room and the electricity will be shut down for evaluation.

They are now evacuating patients from the building to several different locations throughout the city. Some of these individuals require special needs and oxygen.

No one was injured during the incident.


  • James Woroneski

    All Family members were contacted by Harbour Pointe Medical and Rehab Center? Either WTKR is lying or Harbour Pointe is lying. I’m a family member and person of emergency contact. Matter of fact I traveled from North Carolina to the facility when I was informed to get my father and was met by an exceedingly over weight policewomen who told me that I could not have access to my father and that a Social Worker from Harbour Pointe would be in contact with me “Tomorrow” to give me details. As far as this comment nobody and repeat nobody from Harbour Pointe has been in touch with me.

  • saundra

    I am a family member here.as.well. although i wasnt contacted as soon as.the event happened i will say i understand due to the fact this.was an unexpected emergency. I could imagine all the staff had to do in little time and as much as i needed.info they had to tend to the immediate needs of all the residents. I know hp is getting criticized but i think they.did an excellent job and glad everyone is safe!

    • James Woroneski

      I agree with your statement Saundra to a point, the patients did indeed need to come first. However the issue I have is not in the handling and relocation of the residents. Lord knows nobody asked for this but even as you stated they did not contact family members (even when they publicly stated they did). The problem arose with me when Harbour Pointe and its parent company stated to the media that they had “Contacted ALL Family Members” that those families knew what had happened and where to find their loved ones. That was false and incorrect information being put out to the public. Then the parent company puts out a retraction the next day saying they contacted those individuals that were on the “Person of Responsibility List” As I have stated I cannot speak for anyone else but respect to contacting me. Harbour Pointe does have my Power of Attorney on file and has my number to be contacted in case of an emergency. The only way I was contacted by Harbour Pointe yesterday afternoon is when they found out that I had on my own located my father in Hampton and it was Riverside that informed Harbour Pointe that I was there and provided to them my phone number. I have informed Harbour Pointe that when this situation has been corrected, our family members are returned and the facility returns to business as usual, that I want to have a meeting with the administration of the facility on how to better provide communication and notification in the case something like this occurs again in the future. After all the building was built in the 1940’s and we can expect problems to arise again in the future.

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