Who would steal from a hospice organization?

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Gloucester County, Va. - It may be hard to tell, but Doc Cook does not have long to live. He's making sure every moment he has left counts.

"You have to leave something, and if you can leave something with someone else than you've won," Cook says.

For the 71-year-old, winning means taking action to help others on their last leg of life.
He organizes fundraisers for Hospice Support Services of Northern Neck.

All the while, Cook is dying of severe lung disease.

"I got involved with it because I have hospice,” Cook says. “I have three months to live."

During a bike ride fundraiser last week, more than $1,600 in donations were stolen. It happened at Damon's Sports Bar and Grill in Gloucester.

"For a long time I had high hopes for humanity, but when something like this happens it definitely puts a crush on it," he says.

Cook says an organizer put the money under her purse below a table. She went to the bathroom, came back, and the donations were gone.

"I mean, I can't understand how people would take something from something that is helping somebody within their last stages of life,” Cook says. “Just didn't make any sense to me."

That night, he says fellow bikers and companies took action to make up the loss giving a combined $5,000.

"These people have very big hearts," he says.

However, with 289 dying patients in the program who need hospice just like Cook, every cent counts.

"It’s not something that you forget easily, nor do you forgive easily," he says.

If you have any information about this theft, you can take action and call the Crime Line 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


  • Let's be real, here....

    Sorry, but that money should have been IN her purse, which should have been ON her shoulder. If someone is foolish enough to leave their purse alone while they go somewhere, they shouldn’t be surprised if someone steals it, and/or whatever else is left behind.

  • Brenda Hansford

    It was a wonderful ride with wonderful people. The person at fault here is the low life scum that took the money, not the person that put it under her purse. You shouldn’t have to put everything under lock and key in fear that someone will steal it. Obviously someone standing there was watching for the opprotunity to take it because they are too lazy to get a job and earn their money. That money was to help take care of people in their last days, to try and make them comfortable before they pass. Karma will come around and bite that thief in the hind parts. We love you Doc!!!!

    • Robert Thompson

      We can agree that it was definitely wrong that someone stole the money, but honestly would you or anyone else in their right mind leave 16,000 under a table and use the rest room?

      • Brenda Hansford

        it was 1600 not 16,000 and no I wouldn’t leave it…..the point is it was stolen, not who messed up. Yes she made a mistake as we all do, there were 5 women taking care of the event that day where were the other ladies while she went to the ladies room???? Maybe she took it and just said someone else took it….the point as stated before….IT WAS STOLEN BY SCUM!!!!

    • jennifer

      Brenda, were you one of those ladies. PLAN AND SIMPLE — DON’T WALK AWAY FROM A LARGE SOME OF MONEY IN A BAR and think everyone in the BAR is straight up and honorary give me a break sooooooooo stupid she should be arrested

  • jennifer

    i agree it should have been put or taken to a safe or bank … lock box or anything. but in or under a womans purse it setting it up to be stolen !!!!! i mean its a bar !!!! she miss handled that money its her fault…..

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