Severe thunderstorm watch canceled, house fires caused by lightning

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Hundreds of lightning bolts hit the area during Tuesday's severe weather.

Virginia Beach fire crews confirmed to NewsChannel 3 that lightning caused a fire at a house on Sotheby Court near Ferrell Parkway.

That small fire was in the chimney chase.

And in Chesapeake, a family dog died in a house fire that firefighters believe started with a lightning strike.

That fire sparked shortly after 4 o'clock this afternoon inside a two-story home on Waterstone Court.

Firefighters say the fire started on the second floor.

The flames damaged one room but there is smoke damage throughout the home.

The family who lives there was not hurt.

Doris Taylor July 15, 20144:54 pm

Right now there are several power outages in the area. Here is the latest breakdown: 

Chesapeake – 504

Hampton – 70

Isle of Wight – 473

James City – 135

Newport News – 24

Norfolk – 1670

Portsmouth – 15

Suffolk – 51

Surry – 5

Virginia Beach – 7936

Williamsburg – 9

York – 351

Doris Taylor July 15, 20144:56 pm

Damage has been reported on First Colonial Road. There is small debris and a 10 foot long tree limb and trash cans. 

There is also minor to moderate flooding on Mill Dam Road near First Colonial Road. 

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:06 pm

Trees and power lines are down around Aragona in Virginia Beach. 

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:13 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:14 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:47 pm

Virginia Beach fire crews responded to two different incidents in the city. They first went out to the 1200 block of Sotheby Court. They say lightning caused a minor fire in the chimney chase. 

There was another incident involving a possible lightning strike in the 3100 block of Adam Keeling Road in the Great Neck Point area. Calls came in at 4:15 and the fire was under control at 4:45 p.m. 
Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:48 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:48 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 20145:48 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 20146:02 pm

Most damage and outages are due to lightning causing trees and wires to go down.

Here is an updated list of power outages:  

Chesapeake – 502

Hampton – 77

Isle of Wight – 595

James City – 702

Newport News – 2228

Norfolk – 2039

Suffolk – 17

Surry – 1

Virginia Beach – 8596

Williamsburg – 9

York – 353

Doris Taylor July 15, 20146:49 pm
Doris Taylor July 15, 20146:49 pm
Doris Taylor July 15, 20147:23 pm

The severe thunderstorm watch has been canceled for Northampton County, NC.

Matt Knight July 15, 20148:06 pm
Matt Knight July 15, 20148:22 pm

Dog dies in Chesapeake house fire caused by lightning strike, four displaced

Matt Knight July 15, 20148:30 pm

Matt Knight July 15, 20148:32 pm

Doris Taylor July 15, 201410:27 pm

Here are the latest power outage numbers:

Chesapeake – 89

Hampton – 46

James City – 227

Newport News – 500

Norfolk – 371

Suffolk – 1

Virginia Beach – 3351

Williamsburg – 11

York – 20

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    I and others in Hampton are having trouble with WTAR’s over the air reception as of late. Picture just freezes and/or blanks out then returns. This had never been a problem before no matter what the weather was. Has something changed with the over the air broadcasting to cause this?

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