Man killed by freight train in Williamsburg


Williamsburg, Va. – A man laying on the tracks was killed by a CSX train in Williamsburg early Monday morning.

Virginia State Police and Williamsburg Police are investigating the accident, which happened around 1:15am.

The train crew saw the man near Richmond Road at the Bypass Bridge lying motionless on the tracks. He did not move as the train signaled and approached. The train was hauling 100 empty coal hoppers and could not stop in time.

The unidentified Caucasian male died at the scene, and no form of identification was found on him. Currently, Virginia State Police are working with CSX, Railroad Police, and the Medical Examiner’s office to make a positive identification.

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  • Cherye Paulson

    This is a horrible thing that happened, but I’m pretty sure he was “lying” on the tracks, not laying an egg on the tracks. There is no excuse for a reporter to use bad grammar, especially when it comes to something serious like a tragic death.

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