21-year-old Beach man killed by suspected drunk driver on I-64 EB

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Virginia Beach, Va. – A man has been charged after State Police say he ran off the road and hit a man who had pulled over to the left shoulder on I-64 eastbound.

This happened at around 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

Police say a 1998 Honda Civic was going eastbound on I-64 when the car broke down west of the twin bridges.

They say 21-year-old Tyler Carnes was able to get the car to the left shoulder and he put on the hazard lights. He then called AAA for help.

While he was on the shoulder waiting for assistance, a 2001 Ford Explorer ran off the road and hit the Honda Civic. Carnes was rushed to Sentara Norfolk Hospital.  They say 47-year-old Robert G. Horton  of Norfolk was driving. He suffered minor injuries.

Horton was charged with driving under the influence , 2nd offense and he was taken to the Virginia Beach City Jail where he received $1,500 secured bond.

Officials are now trying to determine if Horton will face more charges.


    • Let's be real, here....

      As inclined as I am to agree with you, technically it wasn’t murder-that is killing someone with deliberate intent. That said, I agree that he shouldn’t be bonded out for this-it’s time for drunk drivers to face stiffer penalties whether they kill or injure someone else or not, and it’s unbelievable that such a little amount of money puts this dangerous alcoholic back on the street to possibly kill someone else. Addicts are some of the most selfish human beings in existance, and right now this guy probably cares more about getting another drink than keeping other innocent people safe.

  • RK

    So sad:-(…. I feel SO bad for his parents……. And only that much for bond after killing a neighbors son!!!???? AND a SECOND offense DUI !?!?!?!? Hope he stays in jail for the rest of his life. He doesn’t deserve to be free EVER again.

  • RK

    And why are the police ‘determining’ IF more charges are going to be filed!?!?!?!?! This guy kills an innocent kid and the police MAY file more against him???? The guy should have a life sentence without any chance of getting out starting tonight!!!!!!

  • kenyanbunnie

    When will it ever stop? DUI? These deaths are so unnecessary. Poor kid. Pulled his car to the shoulder. Stayed in the vehicle. Waiting for AAA. Not ever thinking he was about to be killed. I hate this so much…you hear of these reports, the drunk driver lives and the innocents are usually severely injured or killed.
    The world is so unfair.

  • Steve

    2nd offense dui. Guess this drunk didn’t learn from the 1st offense. Too easy, arrested, jailed, released, attorneys costs, ASAP program, higher insurance premiums, and he continued to drive drunk. Bet he never stopped. Bet someone he knew, knew he was going to drive drunk that night. Join MADD. It’s something u can do. Report friends and family if they insist on drunk driving.

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