Vet badly beaten during holiday weekend on the Oceanfront

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Sean Dutrow has 17 stitches in his wounded forehead and an orbital fracture behind this bruised eye.

The Iraq war veteran went to his Leesburg, Virginia home after a family vacation with his wife and 5-month-old daughter at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

"It was just supposed to be a fun time with family and friends. It was Sophie's first time at the beach," says Dutrow.

That fun time turned violent during the 4th of July holiday weekend.

It was around 2:30 Sunday morning when Dutrow was leaving a beach side bar on Pacific Avenue with a buddy, also a veteran.

Beach police say Dutrow got into an argument with two teens.

That argument quickly escalated and police say the two teens attacked Dutrow.

He ended up in the hospital.

His wife Kasey got the call that her husband was badly hurt.

"I was driving to the hospital thinking I was going to be a widow. He was lying there with a breathing tube and a brace around his neck. Pretty scary,” says Kasey. "It's just so vicious what they did. I just keep thinking of him lying in the street and somebody's stomping and kicking his head. It seems to me they were trying to kill him."

Police arrested the teens and charged them with malicious assault and curfew violation.

Investigators have not revealed a motive for the attack, but they do say alcohol appears to be a contributing factor.


  • DinkWink

    Another reason I no longer go to the oceanfront. “2 teens”……… how convenient they left out the other details on them.

      • Jjjjjjjjjjjjjj

        I’m sure the race was left out on purpose. If it were any other race but white it would have been obviously stated and everyone would be up in arms about it.

  • LaTerrica Billingsley

    That is very sad. Praying he makes a full recovery and dont let this stop him from visiting the oceanfront.

    Dinkwink stop assuming things you know nothing about. Where you there? If so please enlighten us on the details your speculating were intentionally left out.

  • Barry

    Maybe we should start taking the teens out back (like the old days) and kickin’ the s _ _ t out of them!
    I’m sending my blessing to the family for a speedy recovery. I’m sorry you had to come to our city and see the animals on our streets.

  • Jeff Childers

    Yep I agree Barry. You cant bust their but or have the school discipline anymore like I did without risk of charges on you. This new generation of kids just gets worse and worse.

    • JDD

      That’s because of their parents, young and just as ignorant as they are. people should have to meet certain criteria (job, common sense, stability, can speak with proper grammar and pronunciation – this should be at the top, if they can’t do this then you already know they most likely won’t meet the rest….) In order to have kids these days.

  • Can't believe the Stupidity

    Wow, charged with curfew violation. In the grand scheme of things that’s helpful. How about attempted murder? No I wasn’t there but if someone is in the hospital with a breathing tube my guess is they beat him within an inch of his life so an attempted murder charge is warranted.

  • Kevin

    When they extend the TIde down to the oceanfront it is only going to get worse. It will no longer be safe to go there past dark

    • Alan W. Rose

      Consider that the “2 teens” could have been pretty tough, and the war veterans may have been motor pool, not combat fighters. Even if they were combat veterans, 2 versus 2 is even odds, it’s not like they were carrying their battle rifles. Maybe they should have been.

  • tensbar

    It didnt happen at Town Center so that explains the Mayor’s lack of interests or press release about “this just doesnt happen here” Beach is being taken over by rabid animals.

  • AME

    The Tide will not bring violence any more than what VB already has….the armed robberies and rapes that go on in VB for example. Plus all the drugs that are prevalent.

  • Cindy Listol

    Curfew Violation? Have you all been down at the oceanfront at bar closing? A lot of these so called teens are thugs with nasty language, no regard for the law or life, and have no conscience. The veterans fight to protect this kind of trash (and I don’t care what color they are) and this is the thanks they get! God Help America before it’s too late!!!!

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