Girl scarred in pit bull attack – and at center of KFC controversy – to get prosthetic eye

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(CNN) – Victoria Wilcher – the 3-year-old Mississippi girl whose family claimed was asked to leave KFC because of her appearance – will be fitted for a prosthetic eye.

Victoria, who lost sight in her right eye and was left with severe facial scars after a pit bull attack, will meet with Raymond Peters, an ocularist who hopes to outfit her with a prosthetic eye this week at his office in Naples, Florida.

An ocularist is a trained technician who makes prosthetic eyes.

Peters said he doesn’t care about the controversy surrounding what her family said happened to her at KFC. He just wants to help a child in need.

“That’s another world as far as I am concerned. That’s not going to affect me with how I help the child,” he said of the KFC incident. “I am focused on this child, and if that did happen, it’s sad because it is a double tragedy for the child.”

Victoria’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, took to Facebook last month to tell a story about how Victoria, who wears an eye patch and eats through a tube, was told to leave a KFC in Mississippi because her appearance was disturbing to other patrons.

The story went viral. Online fundraising campaigns brought in thousands, including $30,000 and an apology from KFC.

But veracity of the story has since been called into question. A pair of investigations found no proof she was ever asked to leave KFC and a local newspaper also cast doubt on the family’s story.

Both Peters, who has donated his services and assisted with travel accommodations, and Mullins spoke to CNN Sunday about Victoria’s road to recovery .

“She don’t have an eye socket and no cheekbone,” said Mullins. “We had to put her back in diapers because of the wounds on her legs. She can’t pull things up and down on them. The wounds will bleed, and she screams bloody murder.”

Not knowing the full extent of the damage, Peters said he is not even sure if an artificial eye is a feasible option. But that is not going to stop him from trying.

“I will help her as long as I am able,” he said. “We don’t want this child to walk in the shadows.”

Despite saying it hadn’t found proof that one of its restaurants mistreated the girl or her grandmother, KFC said it will still honor its commitment to donate $30,000 to assist with Victoria’s medical bills.

“We hope everyone keeps Victoria in their thoughts and prayers,” the chain said in a statement last month. “She will certainly be in ours.”


  • So there are a few good people left out there!

    What a kind man, and how nice of him to overlook the dishonesty of her irresponsible family,and focus on the needs of the little girl. The actions of her family make me doubt that they would actually use any money received for the child’s needs, so I hope there are many others who will donate their time and skills to help this poor kid. It’s bad enough that she has to suffer through the physical pain as a result of the irresponsibilty of the adults around her.

  • Tina Taylor

    sometimes it does boil down to one person’s word over another. the company cannot fire whoever may have done this without evidence so this is important for more than one reason. the company cannot accept responsibility for the same reason. she has permanent damage, yes. the surgery will restore her appearance but the eye is gone forever. the family can check with CHKD, The Children’s Miracle Network, of maybe The Shriners- all offer help so the family does not have to worry about money. this family should be welcome the same as anyone else into any establishment. do not gock or stare. do not make comments at all about the appearance of others. I can give example. I used to work as a waitress. one family that came in and asked for me did so because I treated their child with impairment the same as any other. I politely asked those who bothered them to refrain. the child just grinned from ear to ear when he got the color pages and crayons and the same attention that the other children in my section got. do unto others, that simple ;-)

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