Another shooting in Norfolk just 24 hours after 14 people were shot

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Norfolk, Va.- One person was injured in a shooting on Jubilee St. around 10 pm Saturday night.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay.

Keep in mind this happened after 4 shootings left 14 people injured in Norfolk just 24 hours earlier.


  • meyeras ghost

    cuz the boyz in the hood are always hard, start talkin that trash and we’ll pull ya card, aint nuttin in life but ta be legit, don’t quote me boy cuz i aint said sheeya….hey norfolk you wanna be a grown up big city warts and all well here you go…the detroit of the south complete with a commonwealth attorney who sets an example for all citizens. can’t wait till vb can beat your all time people shot in a weekend record!

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