Officials to Beachgoers: Stay out of the water

No matter how the weather pans out as Hurricane Arthur moves off the coast this Fourth of July, swimming is off limits to swimmers at resort beaches, Croatan and Sandbridge until further notice.

For a few days last week, strong rip currents forced lifeguards to raise red flags and restrict access, but now Deputy Chief Tom Gill of the Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service says it's too dangerous for most people to even dip their feet into the Atlantic.

That's why Gill's team of lifeguards will be out all day patrolling the beaches to make sure everyone knows what's going on.

But don't let this ruin your plans just yet. Gill says there's a chance conditions could improve soon. If they improve enough, it's possible swimmers may at least be able to get their feet wet.

Gill doesn't believe, however, conditions will improve enough to take the red flags down. In fact, he says, they'll probably stay put for awhile considering that the ocean is most dangerous the few days after a storm rolls through.

If you see a surfer today and wonder why he/she is allowed in the water, Gills says, only experienced surfers with the proper gear may have access.

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