VIDEO: Laila’s last day on the morning show

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“Great minds think alike when you’re working together for too long.” – Laila Muhammad

Thursday, July 3 was Laila’s last day on the morning show.

Laila is joining the evening news team — here is a look back at Laila’s time with the morning crew.

Group hug!

*You may want to grab a tissue!*


  • Helen

    Now maybe I can watch the morning news again. Trying to get the news from Ms. Muhammad and the other male newsman was nearly impossible. Their on air jokes and kidding around got to be too much and it was to the point of being unprofessional IMO. Good luck on the evening crew.

  • Carolyn

    Agree with Helen. It was downright silly at times. Don’t let this infect the evening news WTKR.

  • rachael

    I LOVED the morning show with this crew! It made my day and actually caused me to start switch from Channel 10. I grew up with channel 3 being stuffy and too serious, more for my grandparents. This show was lively and enjoyable, I LOVED it.Thanks for the fun and the laughs guys! I will TRULY miss this AM team! Happy for Laila…but Heartbroken the team is breaking up.

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