Toddler hit by SUV in Newport News Wednesday dies in the hospital

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UPDATE: The Crash Reconstruction Team continues the investigation, and is asking for the community’s assistance in reference to this fatality. Anyone who witnessed or has information about the crash is asked to contact the lead investigator, Master Police Officer Voboril at 532-0641. The investigator has determined there was no negligence on the part of Angel’s parents; however, the investigation continues, police say.

Newport News, Va. - Family members of a two-year-old little boy who was killed in Newport News, have put together a small memorial for the toddler outside their Wickham Avenue home. They tell NewsChannel 3 his name was Angel Vazquez.

vazquezThe boy died Thursday night after being hit by an SUV Wednesday.

"All I heard was the kids screaming mommy and the way they was screaming was just horrific," says Sharieka Hawkins, who lives nearby on 29th street.

Family tells NewsChannel 3 Vazquez was just feet from his front yard when a 41-year-old woman drove over him in her Ford Expedition.

Police say the woman stopped when she realized what happened.

Hawkins says even in her upstairs bedroom she could hear the children screaming. "They just kept screaming 'mommy, mommy,’” she says. “I never thought about a little child going through something like that."

When Hawkins rushed out there to see what was going on, she saw Vazquez lying in the street, as crews worked to save him.

"I couldn't stand to see no child of my own looking like that in the middle of the street,” Hawkins says. “I have three kids of my own so it's something you wouldn't want to see."

Police have not said if anyone will be charged. They are still investigating to see if Vazquez was being supervised at the time.

"We know how kids are, how fast they are and things just happen that's not in our control," Hawkins says.


  • The grass is always greener....

    How horrible! I hope the poor little kid is doing better-they move so fast at that age, you let go of them for a second, and they’re gone. Before I became a parent, I thought those harnesses people put on kids were awful, but as the parent of an extremely active child….well, I never did use one myself, but I’ve become a lot less judgmental of those who use them. SUVs are built so high off the ground, I’m sure the driver never even saw the child-at least she did the right thing and stopped. I can’t imagine how terrible she must feel right now-my heart goes out to her too.
    And that “her” brings me to another subject…. I’m getting tired of asking this, but once again-WHAT does the driver’s gender have to do with anything? The media seems to make a point of mentioning it whenever the driver in an accident is female. If you don’t mention a name, why mention a gender? Can’t they just be referred to as “the driver” if/until their name is made public?

  • I am so sorry....

    Oh, how terrible-I was so hoping that the little one would be OK. Rather than trying to find fault, as I’m sure many will rush to do, I hope for the moment that people can just grieve for a young life cut short, as I’m sure the poor baby’s family is doing right now. And let’s remember the driver of the vehicle as well-imagine how she must feel, even though it doesn’t seem as though she was at fault. Prayers to all those hurt by this tragedy.

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