Virginia Beach residents — What cable TV services do you want?

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The City of Virginia Beach has started the process of renewing its cable television franchise with Verizon and Cox.

The franchise is an agreement between cable providers and the city that allows the providers to use city streets and public property to construct, maintain, and operate a cable system.

Verizon provides the government channels (45, 46, 47), a link to facilitate the cablecast of public meetings, and a capital grant to buy and replace the equipment used to create and distribute the VBTV programming.

By law, the city can negotiate conditions of the franchise on behalf of the citizens.

With that being said, the City of Virginia Beach wants to know about the cable television-related needs and interests of its citizens.

Citizen input will be an important factor in the forthcoming negotiations with Verizon and Cox, and those who live or work in Virginia Beach are encouraged to participate in the renewal process by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

To take the survey, go to and click the survey link. A copy of the current Verizon and Cox Cable Television Franchises can also be found on the web page.

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  • albert

    Rates increase frequently but program format and services stay the same. There is no apparent benefit to me, the consumer. Matter-of-fact services have declined. Audio and visual service have experienced more problems.

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