VIDEO: Trucker confronts trooper over speeding

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Truck driver Brian Miner was driving through Illinois last week when he saw a state trooper who was apparently speeding and talking on his cell phone.

Miner honked his horn at the trooper, who then pulled Miner over and threatened to give him a ticket for unlawful use of a horn.

Miner told the trooper he was being recorded and the mood of the conversation changes.

The trooper finally apologizes for speeding. He did not write Miner a ticket.


  • Rosalyn

    I think the truck driver is pushing it. He wanted to make the officer looks bad. He needs to stop harassing the law. Whats wrong with this people?

    • Your Mom

      Rosalyn, what exactly is wrong about expecting law enforcement to be held accountable to the same laws they enforce?

    • A Trucker's Daughter

      Rosalyn I 100% disagree with you. Not all people, trucker or not are trying to make law enforment look bad. I agree with everyone else. If we need to obey the speed and cell phone laws then so do the officers. Just because they have a badge does not mean they are above the law.

  • Rick

    If Cdl drivers are required to use blue tooth or hands free technology why should law enforcement be exempt

  • Jon

    kudos to both the driver and the officer. the driver for standing up to him for speeding. the officer for apologizing and admitting he was wrong.

  • Shane

    I have seen cops right there in Norfolk, Virginia with lights on to run through red lights and go persue the ever so dangerous drive through at Burger King so the police need policed just as much as the common citizen. A badge, uniform, gun and a car with colorful lights doesn’t make a police officer. Integrity makes the police officer.

  • Bob

    Why shouldn’t the officer be disciplined? If it was a citizen he would have written him a ticket. I loved the way the officer tried to find some type of violation to write up. Too bad Miner didn’t have the offense on video.

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