Erykah Badu attempts to kiss reporter during live shot

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New York – Erykah Badu, also known as the First Lady of Neo-Soul, interrupted a live shot by Reporter, Mario Diaz.  In addition to Badu opening her jacket and showing her colorful attire, the songstress attempted a kiss.  As flattering as this may be Diaz, he politely disengaged her advances.  After the video aired, some wondered what was wrong with Badu?

Diaz was shooting live video at the time uncovering the events from Shia Lebouf’s spectacle over the movie theater outburst and his recent arrest.

Diaz lightened the situation by singing lyrics from Prince, “I just want your extra time and your… kiss”.

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  • merk fitty

    another double standard. remember when joe namath suggested a female reporter kiss him? oh he was a drunken letcher, sexist blah blah blah. Shoes on the other foot…where’s the uproar? i wouldnt want to kiss that ratchet boatch either

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