Car flips over near YNot Pizza in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, Va. – Emergency crews responded after a vehicle flipped over on Providence Road on Monday.

Calls came in just after 4 p.m. about the accident.

They were told that someone was trapped inside initially, but when crews arrived the driver was able to get out.

Only one vehicle was involved in this accident and there was one person inside of the vehicle.

Police have not released any details about her injuries but they say the woman is conscious and alert.

They blocked the road to the YNot Pizza briefly as they worked to clear the scene.


  • Journalism 101

    Cars don’t flip over by themselves-any word on what caused the accident? Yes, yes….I’m sure it was some sort of driver error, but how about some details? Oh, and once again….why is the gender of the “person inside of the vehicle” apparently only relevant when it’s a woman?

  • DinkWink

    This is really important stuff. I wish I could see pics of every accident in tidewater. Wonder if they give and award for such great reporting?

  • Why?

    Why do care about a single accident in a metropolitan area that has multiple accidents on a daily basis? Must be a very slow news day. If they are gonna report this tripe they could at least speculate a little on the details (e.g., the vehicle looks like it hit a curb and flipped over).

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