Taking Action Mailbag: What’s up with Patrick’s suits??

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We're Taking Action to answer some of the many emails and messages we get here at NewsChannel 3.

This week's email of choice was directed at our Chief Meteorologist Patrick Rockey from "Mr. O."

Patrick is a man of many suits in many colors -- but he still had fun filming a response to this one:


  • wi too low

    does mr. o know how to speak proper english or just ebonics? maybe he should concentrate on improving his grammar skills first.

    • Silence Dogood

      Ha, ha….I was thinking the same thing. If you’re going to criticize someone, don’t make yourself look even worse, right? On the subject of color, though-I’ve never taken any particular note of this gentleman’s suits, but I do think it’s funny when the TV anchor wears the same color as the background screen in the studio, and ends up looking like a disembodied head and hands because her torso blends in (I say “her” because I’ve only ever seen this happen with female anchors). Don’t they know what color is going to be behind them?

  • Barbara Frye

    Who cares what color he wears? More important is “Mr. O” ‘s command of the English language. If you want to speak, make sure you know how!

  • Ms. KLWF

    I tend to cringe when they interview people on the news, as a great deal of the time they tend to pick people that only speak fluent ebonics.

  • J Cost

    I don’t care if Patrick wears gym shorts and a T-shirt as long as he gets the forecast right. On the topic of Mr. O’s writing skills, I think he needs to retake his 2nd or 3rd grade English class again.

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