VIDEO: AC or pee? You decide!

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VIRGINIA BEACH- A Virginia Beach man claims a FedEx driver left a special delivery in his driveway and it was all caught on his home surveillance camera.

Mike Wilson says when he noticed his package on the lawn he wanted to see why it was there and not on his porch. After watching the video, he says he saw a FedEx driver walk over to the passenger side of the truck, she looked around for a few minutes and he says he saw her squat.

Then he says she pulls out of a driveway and sees a puddle of some liquid laying on the ground. He went downstairs to see what it was and at first he thought it could be condensation from the truck but then he says he saw urine.

“It had a yellow tint to it,” Wilson said. “I’m 99.9% sure.”

He filed a complaint with FedEx yesterday and they told him that the liquid left in the driveway was AC dripping from the vehicle.

NewsChannel 3’s Nadeen Yanes spoke to a spokesperson from FedEx who confirms what Wilson was told.

The company later released a statement:

“FedEx has fully investigated this incident. The homeowner’s claims are not true and his own video proves they’re not true.  The video clearly shows the water on the driveway dripped from the van’s air conditioning unit.


Photo provided by FedEx

 During the delivery, our driver was concerned for her safety due to the neighbor’s large, aggressive dog. As a result, the driver left the package and entered the vehicle on the passenger side. Safety is our primary concern and we reviewed with our driver the procedures on how to handle a delivery when confronted by a large, aggressive dog.

 As always, we will continue to work with our customer to resolve any issues.” 

A company spokesman for FedEx also said the driver took a picture of the dog for records purposes. They note that the picture shows the size of the dog and the condition of the fence.




  • Lissa Brown

    That was from the AC. Do a simple measurement of the location of the open door, her position beside the truck, and the location of the top of the water flow. It clearly begins under the truck.

  • Buddy

    The only bigger idiot then he is would be Y’all for making a story out of this in the first place. Willingness to report such stupidity is what is ruining America today. You should feel really good about tarnishing a good companies reputation and risking a persons job that did nothing wrong.

  • Len

    I’ll bet you wish you never slandered this Fedex driver now Wilson. You’re gonna be in big trouble Bro.

  • sj

    Not pee looks like AC . If this man is so worried about pee on the ground then maybe
    he should not have a big dog .

  • Klee

    Are you serious?? It’s obviously from the air conditioner !!! That guy is looking for $$$$
    This is why all the lawyers are living the good life

  • Beacher

    It appears that the driver has grounds for a lawsuit. She has been embarrassed by this baseless accusation and the fact that Wilson posted it on the internet and contacted news outlets exposes him to civil damages for libel, slander, and defamation of character. He should hope for a negotiated settlement and an apology to the driver. Remember, it is better to be pissed off than pissed on.

    • Well....

      I doubt it. The driver’s face cannot be clearly seen on the video, nor is her name mentioned anywhere. I don’t think he could be sued for libel or slander without first, mentioning her name/showing her face so it is clearly recognizable. Also, libel/slander is the giving out of information verbally, or through printed or televised media that one KNOWS FOR A FACT to be untrue. Mr. Wilson genuinely seems to believe that this person urinated in his driveway-he didn’t just make it up, he honestly thinks that that is what he saw on his video surveillance. All a judge has to do is look at it, and decide whether or not he/she agrees with Mr. WIlson. If he/she doesn’t, I doubt it will even reach the settlement stage-once again, he hasn’t named or identified the driver, remember.

      • Angel

        Well he may have not mentioned the employees name that is because he doesnt know her name,however he surly mention the company she works for and anyone that knows her knows who it is. Point blank he was and is wrong!

  • Op3

    Condensate. I put my cursor just to the left of the license plate, and drew a line through the vehicle. No way could it have been pee…

  • mike wilson

    I challenge FedEx to bring a similar van back to my driveway and let it run for 5 minutes like the other. We shall see if the AC leaves that big of a puddle. So anybody that truly knows what they are talking about knows that it wont leave that big of a puddle in 5 minutes especially not a yellow one.

  • Lena

    Wilson is really sketchy. He’s looking for the big bucks. He should have to apologize to the driver he has tried to dispariage.

  • Sam

    She peed… Condensate dripping from an AC unit (even after 5-minutes) wouldn’t leave a puddle that big. By the way… why 5-minutes to deliver one package… to the front yard? It would take that Driver 2-days to empty even a small van like that if she took 5-minutes at each delivery. Also, you never see any courier service pull into a driveway, because the Drivers are trained/instructed to limit backing-up (to reduce accidents).

      • Angel

        You guys are right she should not have pulled in driveway! However it has nothing to do with the wet spot. None of us are sure if its a puddle or not. Wherther it took 5 mins or 20minwhat does that have to do with her peeing and showing her bare behind to the entire neighborhood……doesnt makes since.

  • Eve

    as long as she been there and if you look good she bend over to the package but she never stooped down or pulled her pants down, all the negative minds.

  • Tom

    Condensate, yes. Worried about the dog, doubt it. If so, why leave BOTH doors open and stand outside the truck for over 3 minutes? Another thing, why is the truck still running, with the AC on, doors open, unattended? Even UPS trucks turn off the engine EVERY time the driver exits the truck, even to deliver a package this close. She spent more time standing around doing nothing then actually delivering the package, And why did she return to the truck with the package after looking straight at the garage, then place the package on the lawn where she initially stopped?

    • Mindy Peach

      Hey Tom…..this is what I saw also……as I stated in my post, she stood there for some time, looking all around her and I guess when she thought she was in the clear, she crouched down, and when she stood up again she looked as though she was straightening herself or maybe pulling up her pants again. I’m amazed that so many people here think her story is right. That video, to me, says it all…………..this ghetto broad was caught doing what probably most ghetto people like her do, pee on someone else’s property.

  • ABL

    This is the same vehicle 2012 Nissan NV, as you can see there is a A/C condensation.. Mr. Wilson she pulled the truck on your driveway because she might be scared with your aggressive dog.. You need a good lawyer for this. She’s a woman she can’t control the flow of her pee to be in the middle/side of the truck!!!!

  • Mindy Peach

    If she was taking a pic of the dog why did it take her so long to do this?? I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Wilson, on the basis that she crouched down, but before she did this, she was looking all around before she decided to take a leak. I think she did pee on this guy’s driveway simply because of the strange way she was acting and watching all around herself behind that door. Her actions looked really suspect to me.

    • ABL

      Mr. Wilson should take a urine sample and if it matches her urine then he should go to a legal way not posting it thru online.

    • Angel

      Define Ghetto….? you are just as bad as Mr. Wilson because you are slandering this lady as well. Be careful what you say about other people unless you know her!

  • Well....

    I have to say-if I thought someone was peeing in my driveway, I would be running outside, waving my arms, etc.-at the very least, I would be on the phone to the police, and she’d have been arrested before she got out of the neighborhood. I wonder why this gentleman didn’t react on the spot by chasing the driver out of his yard? And nowhere is the question of “why” answered. There are several houses facing that driveway-anyone could have seen her. It just doesn’t seem like a risk most people would want to take, though I’ve heard of stranger things.
    On the other hand, if she was scared of the dog, why not just get back in the truck? And unless the dog was loose, what’s to be scared of in the first place? And that was a very weird spot to leave a package-why not by the mailbox, if she didn’t want to come up to the door? Or she could have left one of those notes that tells you she came by but couldn’t leave the package for whatever reason, then gives you a choice of what to do next. She was acting very odd, so I wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of her actually having peed in the driveway-I just don’t think the video is proof beyond a doubt, because you can’t really tell what she is doing behind the door. At the end of the day, it’s nothing that a hose and some driveway wash won’t solve, anyway.

  • Linda

    If it was urine it would of been a stream to or about at the end of driveway that customer owes fed x an apology

  • jim

    the water was under the truck, inside and behind the passenger wheel. no offence but I don’t think her butt would fit that far under the truck. the final thing I noticed is the passenger front tire didn’t even hit the fluid when she was backing out. the man is clearly looking for a payday.

  • Sarah

    She was not squatting, you can tell she was simply standing on the inside of the door and then stepped down…How ridiculous!

  • Silence Dogood

    Er….passing over the whole did she or didn’t she issue-where exactly does Mr. WIlson say anything about getting money out of this? I didn’t hear him mention it anywhere in the video, nor does the article say that he’s planning on suing anyone, so why is everyone so sure he’s going after a big payday with this? Regardless of whether or not you all agree with what he thinks is on that tape, it’s baseless and unfair to accuse the man of being after money, with no proof to back it up. You know-proof, the same thing you are accusing Mr. Wilson of not having enough of….Maybe he simply was grossed out enough by what he assumed he saw to want to do something about it. Not everyone is after a big payday in court-sometimes it’s just about pointing out wrongdoing, or what you perceive to be wrongdoing. Give the man a break-right or wrong, he doesn’t seem to have considered suing anyone.

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