Redskins’ Washington Warriors name change is a hoax

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Look no further than your email inbox and you might see startling information about the Redskins – a report in the Washington Post that the name is being changed to the Washington Warriors. But click on it, and you’re the victim of a hoax.

Internet antics aside, the U.S. Patent Office decision last week to revoke the Redskins trademark added new pressure on team owner Daniel Snyder to change the team name – something he refuses to do.

Monday, he got support from a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Richmond who formed the “Redskins Pride Caucus.”

It includes Portsmouth senator Louise Lucas whose nephew Deangelo Hall plays for the team.

“None of us feel there is any racism in it. In fact, we like the name,” Lucas says.

“It totally is political correctness on steroids,” says Del. Jackson Miller, R- Manassas.

Well-funded groups have aired commercials during the Super Bowl and NBA Finals protesting the Redskins’ name.

USA Today offered up a few suggestions, from the Washington Lobbyists to the Washington Conspiracies. But none of this, so far, has prompted team owner Snyder to agree to a change.

Last month, 50 U.S. Senators sent a letter to the NFL saying the Redskins name should be changed.

Neither Virginia senator signed it, but Senator Tim Kaine did say he thinks it’s time for a change.


    • Maudine N Chris Locy

      Come on Ya’all! How about we call the team Washington two feathers.. our dances with red skins.. enough is enough, why don’t we have cracker barrel restaurants change there name while we’re at it. Geez!!!

  • kristine

    leave all the political BS out of football. its one of the last honest things america has. please leave football alone… oh yeah GO SAINTS!!

  • cray cray

    more importantly, what is that thing on louise lucas’ head? did an old porcupine crawl up on top her head and die? girl, you need a stylist, foshizzle

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