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VIDEO: Soldier gets home in time for birth of daughter

York, Penn. – U.S. Army Soldier Joseph Kunkel gave his wife Jena the ultimate gift when he surprised her at the hospital before she gave birth to their baby girl, according to a report from WTVR.com via WPMT.

Jena had no idea her husband was waiting in the wings.

“I actually had told them that I needed to see the anesthesiologist again because the pain was just completely unbearable at that point,” Jena recalled.

That’s when nurses sent Joseph, posing as a doctor, into the hospital room. He wore a mask and scrubs that covered his military uniform.

According to the report, it took a few seconds for Jena to recognize her husband. Three hours later, little Ryleigh Mae was born.

“I fell in love with my baby as soon as I saw her,” Joseph said. “She was just waiting extra long; I swear she knew that her daddy was coming.”

Read the complete story from WTVR.com, HERE.


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