Owner of Tropical Delights club in Virginia Beach speaks out

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The owner of a Virginia Beach club where a man was murdered is speaking out.

Tropical Delights owner Herman Garrison told NewsChannel 3 other recent acts of violence are not connected to his club.

Garrison said the shattered glass and what appears to be a bullet hole in nearby beauty shop from the weekend had nothing to do with his club just a few doors down.

He said he believes the gunfire came from across the street, and that there was hardly anyone in his club when it happened Saturday night.  Garrison also said he does not know if the massive fight that happened in the parking lot a few hours later was connected to anything that happened inside the club.

The spotlight's been on the Indian River Road club since their security guard was murdered here last month.  Beach police believe 27-year-old Andrew Roberts is responsible.  Police are still looking for him.

Garrison said his club does have security, and they are enforcing their dress code and their over 30 club entry requirements since the murder.

NewsChannel 3 has reached out to Virginia Beach police to confirm Garrison's statements, but our messages have not been returned.  NewsChannel 3 has also been waiting several days to learn the names of the two people arrested for the fight in the parking lot.


  • The Don

    Is this guy plain stupid or what ? The violence stems from his customers who act up after or even during business hours..they aren’t there at any other business at those hours. Stop letting trash in your bar and maybe it will deter the crime that has plagued the news which is associated with your business and clientele!

  • Why bother? Well, anyway....

    Don, the trouble is that the minute you start screening your clientele, someone cries racism or homophobia, or sexism, or whatever card they think they can pull out of the deck, and before you know it, civil rights groups (aka The Right to Live Your Life Your Way (As Long As It’s Our Way) bunch are parked on your doorstep waving picket signs with Ten on Your Side shoving mikes at you. We live in a world where the troublemakers get away with whatever the hell they please, because no one dares to step on a few toes to try to improve a bad situation. The owner of this place is screwed, between a rock and a hard place.

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