Vet targets ‘no ice water for dogs’ blog post

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – An article that’s going viral is terrifying pet owners as summer heats up.

The post, NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS… PLEASE READ ASAP, discusses one dog’s near deadly encounter.

You’ve probably had the story show up in your Facebook timeline or an email from a friend, so WXMI talked to a local vet to see how true the post really is.

“On the Internet circulating right now is a story that seems very legitimate of a dog developing bloat after consuming ice cubes and water,” Dr. Randall Carpenter, DMV of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital said.

Though the article seems very real, and scientific enough to scare the most educated pet owner, the findings behind it are simply false.

It’s the story of a dog who almost dies after his owner gives him ice water, claiming the cold water caused the dog to bloat.

Carpenter says bloats are life-threatening situations that actually flips the stomach while enlarging it.

He says he has seen the viral post scaring dog owners since 2007, and it recently made a comeback on social media.

“If the dog is overheated and dehydrated, and desperate for fluids and they consume huge, huge amounts of ice cubes or water all at one time, it could create a situation where the dog could bloat,” Carpenter said.

But that’s true for large amounts of any temperature water, he added.

He says just consuming cold water or ice cubes in moderation will not cause bloat, saying ice cubes and water when the weather is hot is a good thing.

“Ice cubes and cold water are fine for pets as long as it’s done with some common sense,” Carpenter said.



  • Rachel Humphrey

    Most dogs or all I have encountered treat ice cubes more like food than water they don’t just swallow it they chew it.They wouldn’t drink anymore ice water or ice cubes than they would water in general when hot. This is the last thing owners need to worry about when trying to make sure there dog doesn’t get over heated. I think MOST owners keep water available which would keep them hydrated so they wouldn’t over drink any anyway.

  • Reggie Matheny

    ice water cannot be good for overheated dogs~~ same as humans~ you should give them cool water to drink~ I give my dogs fresh water two or three times a day~ how is shock to your body good for you?~ this vet is wrong to suggest it isn’t harmful

    • Jon

      Unless you’ve practiced medicine or veterinary medicine, what gives you the right to contradict a professional. Do you understand the years of training they have to go through just to be able to get their license? And ice water, a shock to the system? That’s the most legitimate concept you could think of? Try doing a bit of research on the human body, or an animal’s body, or even take a trip to the northern Midwest in January or February. You’ll learn really quick that a refreshing drink of ice water is no shock to a self regulated thermal system as advanced as a mammals body. Oh, and before you comment on my areas of study, I am a computer and networking specialist. My sister, however, is a veterinarian, with her doctorate in veterinary medicine, and I took the time to consult her, and do my own research, before commenting.

      • Rachel Humphrey

        How do we know this is a professional for one. Next even if they are all Dr. don’t agree with each other and a vet is no more than an animal Dr. So they don’t all agree. I have had dogs many many times in my life and I have lived in many states and I’ve given many many dogs ice with out a prob. Ice is not a problem for dogs unless of course you load them up with it but than again that is the case for ALL edible or drinkable items. If you drink or eat alot of most anything it’s bad for you or your pets.

  • Ralph

    Ah Jay. Another situation where a coward speaks aloud via the internet, casting aspersions and vilifying others because they can. It’s a shame you aren’t bold or brave enough to be kind, but have to fall back on your lack of intelligence to disrespect others. Go away little boy until you’ve learned to be a better person.

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