New study shows the best and worst states for teen drivers

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Driver was going too fast for neighborhood roads covered in ice. They were no injuries. Even though school was out, hopefully, these kids learned a valuable lesson.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. A new study released by Wallet Hub, a personal finance website, uses teen driving statistics to find the best and worst states for teen drivers on the roads.

The study uses teen driver fatalities’, car accident, driving violations; and teen DUI’s combined with each states traffic laws and insurance statements to calculate the results.

After this extensive study WalletHub found New York to be the best state for teen driving overall. Followed by Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, and Rhode Island all in the top 5.

With South Dakota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wyoming being the worst states for teen drivers and having the highest fatality rates.

Virginia comes in 16th in the study, while New Mexico ranks the highest in teens driving under the influence.


By: Charyssa Parent