Malia Obama joins Hollywood

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obamafamily400The Obama’s oldest daughter Malia spotted working alongside Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry in a new sci-fi film called Extant.

Malia was accompanied by the FLOTUS to CBS studios to do re-shoots of the pilot episode.

An unnamed source told that Malia was delighted saying, ‘My first time.  This is a big deal.’

The first daughter, who turns 16 on July 4th, is out on summer break and began working as a Production Assistant on the set of Berry’s TV series.

After experiencing living in the spotlight for the past several  years, the aspiring filmaker has her vision set on the makings behind the scenes.

The series is due to premiere around July 9th.

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  • John

    Oh give me a break, who cares!? The Obama’s have always considered themselves “Hollywood” stars when in reality they are the complete opposite! When Obozo and the rest of his clowns finally leave Washington D.C., this fine country should hold a national celebration!!

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