Woman says man attacked her with chemical in McDonald’s parking lot after rejecting him for date

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Yorktown, Va. – A woman is being treated after she says a man threw chemicals on her in a McDonald’s parking lot after she rejected his advances.

This happened at the McDonald’s on Route 17 near the Tabb Walmart.

The woman told authorities that a man threw the liquid on her and caused chemical burns to her leg. She says she was shopping at the Walmart when a man came up to her and asked her out to dinner. She rejected his advances and continued to shop.

She left the Walmart and went to McDonald’s. She says the same man came up to her again and this time he threw liquid on her.

She was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Right now, authorities are still searching for the suspect.

They are reviewing video from Walmart and other businesses in the area to get an image of the man and his car.

The man is described as 30 to 50 years old, 6’0 to 6’2” tall, 200 to 230 pounds and was wearing a black button down short sleeve shirt and blue jeans. They say he was driving an older model white Oldsmobile Cutlass.


  • Hm.

    Is he white, black, Latino? Hair/eye color? An attempt at a composite sketch? What’s the point of describing what he was wearing when he can change his clothes? The description given could be hundreds of men, and the video footage may not turn out to be any good. It would be nice if cases like this one were more of a priority-the next woman who turns him down may be beaten or raped.

  • Aperson

    You forgot to add in your ‘excellent’ description: carrying a container of liquid. PC doesn’t help solve crimes.


    Has there been any follow up on this case? What about the video of the suspect? We need some type of facial description to go by. These ppl walk by us everyday. Some of us may have even been approached by the same person and not realize.

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