Where are the world’s sexiest men and women from?


MissTravel, a travel dating website, asked male and female members to rate the nationalities they find the sexiest in a dating partner. The results found a preference for women from South America and men from Australia. Answers also found sexiness in other countries around the world.

Will you end up in one of the sexiest countries this summer?

The sexiest nationalities for men:
10. Dutch
9. Canadian
8. Brazilian
7. Irish
6. American
5. Spanish
4. Scottish
3. British
2. Italian
1. Australian

The sexiest nationalities for women:
10. Canadian
9. South African
8. Bulgarian
7. Australian
6. Spanish
5. Filipina
4. British
3. Colombian
2. Russian
1. Brazilian


By: Nemo Elkhebri


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