Prosecutor: Man stabbed childhood friend in skull with screwdriver-like tool

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NEW DETAILS: NewsChannel 3 has learned that according to search warrants, officials found a revolver box, a bag of 22-caliber rounds and a swab of red stains. 

They say these things were found inside of Joshua Horton's home. 

Investigators say Horton killed 29-year-old Steven Musick on June 16. They initially thought it was a bullet wound, but they say it turned out to be a puncture wound from a tool similar to a screwdriver, according to a prosecutor who says the victim was stabbed in the skull. 

Court documents say a nearby home surveillance camera shows Musick's last moments. They say he was being pushed and shoved by Horton before falling to the ground. 

Documents say Horton went into the home while Musick was bleeding in the grass. He later died at the hospital. He was laid to rest last week. Horton will appear in court in September. 

Chesapeake, Va. - A Chesapeake man has been charged with first degree murder for the death of his friend and co-worker on June 16th.

Police say 36-year-old Joshua Horton attacked his childhood friend and co-worker, hitting 29-year-old Steven Musick over the head the night of Monday, June 16th.

People who knew them say the two worked as electricians.

"As far as I know, they were friends and something got out of control," says Susan Withers who lives next door to Horton on Fontana Avenue.

She decided not to show her face on camera, but wanted to share how close-knit her community is.

"My kids and all of them grew up together so this whole neighborhood, pretty much everybody here knows everybody," Withers says.

She says the attack happened on Horton’s front porch. Police say the two were fighting outside around dinner time when Horton used an object to hit Musick on his head.

At this point, investigators aren't sure what that object was. However, the force was enough to send Musick to the hospital with serious injuries.

While being treated, Musick's condition deteriorated and he died the night of Tuesday, June 17th,  at 6:45 p.m. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death.

Horton was jailed without bond, charged with malicious wounding. Since Musick has died as a result of his injuries, the malicious wounding charge was Nolle Prossed in court on Tuesday, June 24th and Horton was subsequently charged with Murder in the First Degree.

Withers says both are fathers of young children.


  • jimmyjamz

    Josh is a super nice guys. Im sure there is more to this story. He has 4young kids hes a family man and would not hurt a fly. We grew up together. Im sure he was defending Him self

  • TC

    Seems there is some sort of cover up here… he killed the guy in cold blood point blank… why the phony stories and facts?

    • VPMM

      Maybe you should get your facts straight TC the boy isn’t dead and FYI someone may want to check out the Tox report on the so called victim!

  • TC

    You are the one with wrong facts as I can tell you for a FACT he is dead based on posts from his family tonight

    • jimmyjamz

      Yes he is dead from what I understand. But from what I heard he was drunk and on drugs and stared this

      • Al-Muntaqim

        Yes, I also heard Josh was drunk and on drugs and started as well as ended the fight. Excellent point you made! No injuries at all on the mug shot, not even a scratch. It appears he was a “super nice … wouldn’t hurt a fly” cold blooded killer!!

  • Mindful

    Are you all serious? Let’s look at the whole picture here. A young man that had a great talent is gone way too early. Yes, he may of had his faults, but we all do. Let’s not get caught up in the “what ifs & the conspiracy theories”. Let’s think about the families and the ones left behind here. Someone lost a son, brother, and a uncle. Now there might so be young children out there now that have to grow up without a father or a father in prison. What does that do to help our society? In closure, please be mindful that whatever is posted here is for everyone to see. Especially both families included. Again, our downfall is social media and the ease of letting our opinions be heard, whether sound or absurd. Thank you.

  • Saddened

    Very well said mindful. Thank you. I know both men and unfortunately, whether drugs were involved or not, a caring, sweet family lost a son and brother to unnecessary violence. 4 innocent kids will grow up without a father. Both families lose. We need to focus on understanding that violence is never the solution. Prayers for all involved and who knew them. God Bless them…

  • nico777

    AL-MUNTAQIM, you are an idiot, take your idiotic negative sh** somewhere else, I am a close family friend of both parties, and you don’t know what happened, Josh is a great person and so was Steve, it’s sad what happened, but the media lies and they never tell the whole truth, this was self defense on Joshs part! When the evidence and witnesses go to trial it will all come out, so until then, nobody has a right to say negative or bad things about anyone when you don’t know them or what happened

  • Old Friends

    I have known Josh & Steve for many years & this is totally way off for either one of them. I am in shock-total disbelief that this has happened. My thoughts & prayers are with both the Muscik & Horton famalies at this time. this is what happens when that split second decision goes bad & can’t be taken back. I agree with NICO777- IF you don’t know these two personally keep your remarks to yourself. these families don’t need the nastiness. I do know that Josh is torn up over all this as that is the kind of person he is. Don’t judge people you don’t know! God Bless both families.

  • tammy

    I lived next door to syeve . He was drunk one night and kicked my door open and almost assaulted me . He eas always drinking.. im so sorry for his parents and family of the guys involved . Im just saying I had alot of problems with steve living next door to me

  • Maggie

    I know both sets of children that will be affected by this incident. I know that both sets of children are happy, smart, and kind. There’s nothing that will make this better or right. I’d suggest that if you do know either or both families, that you help by being there for them. Whatever the case, these adults made a choice, the children did not.

  • TC

    Yeah because that guy killed in him in cold blood and then tried to lie and cover it up just like the rest of you

    • jimmyjamz

      Tc. back in the day I would just went off on you but I have given my life to I’m going to be as nice as I can be it seems like your friend had a history of thisyou need to accept the fact that your friend was drunk and fell and hit his head that led to his death its sad but I can tell you is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6so stop your crying you will have your chance to drive slow and sing Low.I just hope He made right with the Lord before this happened.just because hes in jail now don’t mean He will go to prison. no one was killed in cold blood s*** happens Your buddy was a victim of that


        jimmyjamz i wish i knew who you are, you say you gave your life to god?if that
        is so you should have learned by now that we are not suppose to judge know
        one,the only one that will judge us is are lord and savoir.and another thing if
        you changed your life and you seened that he had a drug problem maybe you
        should have took the time to stop and talk to him about it and let him know that
        you had changed and maybe it could have helped him,but no instead you get
        on here at a time like this and say you are a christian man and start typing the
        mess you are putting on here. i will pray for you……….

  • Lindsey Beigle

    Why is everyone bashing them? I knew Steven, he had a good heart. This isn’t the place to show disrespect to either one of them. Neither family needs the extra stress. Show respect and keep the comments positive please.


    you know i sit and read all this mess and none of you have a clue what happened so why dont you have the RESPECT for the family and keep your thoughts to yourself and for news channel 3 if this is the way you all get your RATINGS,they should take you off TV,,,,,,,

  • opinions r like @$$holes

    There are three sides to every story. Unless you were there physically you don’t have a clue what happened!!! Lay off the judging and wait for the autopsy and toxicology results. It’s a shame. Rather than leaving a kind comment everyone wants to throw Blame. I throw shade on those who are rude and nasty carry that shit somewhere else..

  • RobLethcoe

    Like jim said we r all along time friends josh is a good friend as well as my brother this was n accident josh couldnt hurt anyone he was only defending himself to a violent person so if u dont know keep your mouth shut

  • CPD

    FYI – People keep talking about toxicology report and self defense. The toxicology report will have no relevance to that as the law does not allow the use of deadly force just because someone may be under the influence and / or an agitated state. There are very strict and fine lines regarding that and nothing I have seen or heard would qualify.

  • jimmyjamz

    What up rob.2 Long time neighbor if you been around that long you would no who I am.. pray for me I need all I can get. And I did not judge anyone.

  • The Don

    Sad story…but know your limits and be mindful of your actions…condolences to the Musick family!

  • The Don

    So does the evidence revealed at this point still have people thinking self defense and he is a super nice guy?

  • jj

    Drunk redneck1 rammed a screwdriver through the Drunk redneck 2’s skull. The people of the area got a 2fer. They’re both off the streets for good.

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