Beach’s top earners get pay raises in addition to high-dollar yearly perks

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Virginia Beach, Va. - A phased-in, two percent pay raise for all full-time Virginia Beach employees is also going to the city's highest earners, administrators who make more than six figures.

The City Council has the formality of signing off on the raises tonight; however, the paperwork included in the ordinances shows the raises for the top-paid workers are just a sliver compared to the high-dollar yearly perks they get.

The city clerk, Ruth Hodges Fraser, for example already makes $111,000. A raise would add another $2,000 a year, but she also gets $10,000 a year for a car allowance. City Attorney Mark Stiles gets the same car allowance, but he gets another $10,000 in deferred compensation from the city, typically money destined for a retirement account. His salary is $197,000, and the raise will boost his pay past $200,000.

The biggest perks go to the city manager, James Spore. His salary is more than $234,000. Add to that $20,500 in deferred compensation and a $12,000 yearly car allowance. Plus, the city pays the health-insurance premiums for the manager and his family. The two-percent raise will add another $4,600 to his salary.


  • Hm.

    Can’t help wondering what a city clerk does that’s worth a six figure salary, and a car allowance, for Pete’s sake? My understanding of a clerk’s job is that it is something of a glorified accounting/secretarial position-someone please set me straight, because I have no idea why someone working for a city the size of Virginia Beach should be drawing that much per year for a clerical position. If a person is making six figures, they should certainly be able to afford their own car payments-why is this on the public dime? I wish some of these people were required to submit a report at the end of every fiscal year, detailing their accomplishments. If they are living high on the taxpayer’s dime, the taxpayers ought to know just what they are paying for, no?

  • The Don

    Jim wells get serious! The city could do without a clerk that makes that much $$…see if they could operate without fire, police and teachers!! Get real VB…and surrounding cities! Top notch BS …

  • Don

    the problem is the people are getting over paid and the taxpayers in Virginia Beach are getting duped! Look at your water bill and look at all the ridiculous fees you have to pay.not to mention personal property taxes ek cetera.

  • merp

    spore the pimple shouldve been set out to pasture long ago. a clerk shouldnt make any more than 40k

  • Jeff

    Yet police officers, firefighters and teachers can’t even afford a decent house in a safe neighborhood on their salaries. This city is a joke and the so called leaders are greedy liars.

  • Pat Davis

    Just remember this the next time you go to the polls to vote. DO NOT vote these people back into office again. I worked in the Norfolk court system and know that there is absolutely no way a City Clerk is worth $111,000 per year, plus a $10,000 a year car allowance, that’s insane.

  • Grammy

    I would be happy with a 2% raise, it would be better than our COL raise this year which was NOTHING. It’s disgraceful and out of control. There is nothing but waste in the city of Va Beach at the expense of its citizens.

  • The Don

    You can only blame the city manager, mayor and city council!! Politics at its best screw the citizens !!

  • Concerned Husband and Father

    My wife works for the school system as a cafeteria worker. Why can’t they put air conditioning in the school kitchen where she works. Oh yeah! The city used some of that money for a animal control building on birdneck road. The people that work in the school system are the backbone of the kids. They are feeding them and teaching them things that will help them in life. Some of the people that are actually working and sweating to make sure kids get what they need are making less than 15,000 a year. I think the city is screwed up on the way they operate. Take care of the ones that take care of your kids, our future. and quit making yourselves rich. There are companies out there that only give the office employees somewhere between $300 to $500 a month for car allowance. $10,000 a year what are they driving a Bentley, really think about it.

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