Mother wants answers on why her son was shot by a Chesapeake police officer

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Portsmouth, Va. - Portsmouth Police Department detectives are investigating a shooting involving a Chesapeake police officer that shot a suspect on Thursday afternoon.

Portsmouth police say the shooting happened at the intersection of Cumberland Avenue and South Street around 2:25 p.m.

The injured suspect is an adult male. He was shot in the upper torso and was transported to Sentara Norfolk General for medical treatment. At this time, he is in serious condition and is awake and talking.

Police say the officer was trying to serve a fugitive warrant at the time of the shooting. The officer has been with the department for over a decade now.

The suspect’s mother identified him as 27-year-old Michael Smith. She says he was walking down the street away from her house when the officer shot him.

“All we heard was one shot,” says a resident in the area. “I thought it was a firecracker, but it did not sound like a firecracker.”

The investigation is still ongoing.

NewsChannel 3 talked to Donna Hampton, who says her son was the man who was shot. His name is Michael Smith.

Hampton wants answers on why her son was shot while walking down the street.

"The doctor said point blank, he said they shot to kill him. They missed his heart, his lungs, and his vital organs. They don`t know what he did, but he just missed it. "

Police aren't saying much about Thursday's shooting. They haven't answered why the officer shot the man, nor why he was serving him a warrant.

"I just want to know what happened! Why are they not talking to me? They won`t tell me anything! I`m his mom. "


Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.



  • The Don

    Are these reporters serious? How is it that they report a suspect was shot by police but write/type the male suspect was uninjured ? C’mon man !!

  • Chris

    My girl friend says this intersection is no where near the city line, and cant understand why the reporters keep saying it on the portsmouth / chesapeake city line.

    • Windsordeadeye

      Police officers are sworn in by the State, which means they can make arrests, issue summons, etc. in other jurisdictions, however, they usually do not because it would mean that they would have to go to court in that city/county. Unless you were there, please do not be so quick to judge. I was told that he actually followed him from a VERY questionable area in Chesapeake and was trying to wait and stop him when he was in a less populated area for citizens’ safety. Obviously they had good intel on this thug.

      • Beacher

        Actually they are not sworn in by the state. Only State Police, ABC officers, State game wardens etc are sworn in by the state. Local officers are sworn in by their respective city departments. Most cities have MOUs in place to handle pursuits into surrounding jurisdictions and rendering assistance such as Greekfest in 1989. A police officer from Va. Beach has no jurisdiction in Richmond. If he were to intervene in a crime, he would be doing so as a private citizen.

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