Beach runners say creepy man has been stalking them

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Virginia Beach, Va. - A Virginia beach mom says she'll need an extra sense of security after a creepy incident during her run on Dam Neck and Princess Anne Monday night.

“He like pulled to the side of the road and was just watching me and staring at me, and it was just really weird,” she says. “It was a white SUV, kind of like a suburban type of vehicle and it had all black rims. He had longer hair and he was wearing sunglasses.”

She says she took out her phone and yelled that she was calling the cops. He drove off.

But she realized that he may be the same guy who approached another Virginia Beach runner.

In the post shared by Ann Hupp of Mettle Events,  it says a women running near Dam Neck and General Booth was chased by a man who was also driving a white SUV.

She did get away from him and she reported it to police as well, but they didn't find him after that so he's still out there.

Police believe the Dam Neck and General Booth incident may be the same as the report they have on Seabord Road.

While Beach police have not shared much about their investigation, this post has been shared nearly 1,000 times on Facebook and seen by nearly 44,000 people.

The mom says calling the cops scared the guy away Monday night, but she wants other runners to be on guard.

“Just tell other runners to just be very aware of your surroundings; don't lose focus of where you're at; don't lose focus of who is around you,” she says.

If you know anything about this, please call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


    • ibieiniid

      find and do what? I’m not sure he’s broken any laws. I don’t think a single incident with each woman can be considered stalking. sadly, the first punishable offense these wackos carry out is often the worst one. just heed the mother’s advice and also carry your cell phone if you run. be safe.

  • JD

    I run with a small pepper-spray thing that straps to your hand. I mainly have it for fear of stray dogs attacking, but I’d certainly use it on a human if required. Check running stores and online sources.

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