NewsChannel 3 welcomes back Beverly Kidd… with selfies!

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You may remember Beverly anchoring WTKR’s 5pm newscast for a few years in the late 90’s. Now, she’s returning home to Norfolk, where she started her broadcasting career.

Since leaving in 2001, Beverly has been the Evening Newscast Anchor and Health Reporter at KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona.

We welcomed her back today with one of our favorite pastimes… taking selfies!



  • j sully

    as a retired Norfolk police officer I remember her doing Crimeline it’s great to have her back welcome back take care

  • Floyd & Yvonne Newkirk

    Welcome Home. In 2010 we were in Scottsdale, AZ and our son took us to a Ice cream Restaurant the parking lot bordered you station lot there. As we got out of our car you were running to your stations building I call but you ran. Your camera man came along and I said, “will you see Beverly inside” His reply, “yes she is getting her make up on she will be on TV.I asked him to tell you we were from VA. Beach and tell her hello ! Now, the other night here you are in our Den on TV. I am friends with a family that were your neighbors in Portsmouth and I told them you are back and they are glad. Semper Fi.

  • Sam

    Welcome home Beverly!! I was surprised when I moved to Phoenix and saw you. And now I’m surprised to see you back here too!! There’s no place like home!! LOL

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