Former Newport News homeless man helped by YouTuber pays it forward

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Newport News YouTuber Rahat is at it again.

Just last month, he surprised a (now former) homeless man named Eric with a new home after raising over $20,000 for him through an online fundraiser.

Now Eric is paying it forward. He took $1,000 of his own money to purchase a hotel room for a month for another homeless man.


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  • Shannon F.

    This is GREAT!! I am glad to see that he is willing to help someone in need just as he was helped. America needs more of this going around and need more programs helping people like this and families in need instead of people popping out babies every 9-12 months to stay in the system.

    • Daniella

      Shannon, do you understand the way the “system” works? Pooping out babies every 9-12 months does not keep you on a government program if you are referring to TANF it is a temporary program that is only available for 5 years total in a lifetime does not increase per child and the parent is to work or attend school at least 20 hours a week it along with every other government program is supplemental please do your research before attempting to degrade deserving people – my knowledge comes from my social work degree if you are wondering.

      • Shannon F.

        That is what they teach you in your program, but I know what I have seen in the community. Some of these people have better homes and care than you and I both and no they are not working nor going to school because they find the loopholes to exclude them from the program. SO I thank you for sharing with me what you learned in school maybe you should send your textbook to social services.

  • Mary

    I am looking forward to the follow up to this one! This is the kind of news that brings back my faith in humanity. An act of kindness that can restore someone’s faith in themselves… We saw a man in a Food Lion one day being harassed by an employee. He was made to leave the store. He was merely asking for a job application… My daughter and I bought him water and food. Had a word or two for the manager and the way the man was treated… We stopped to give him the stuff and talked to him for a while. The next time I saw him he had good news, a job…at that same store!! A small kindness grows into something so much bigger…

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