Group raises second Confederate flag on I-95

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After much controversy, the Virginia Flaggers are making headlines again.

Last September, the group caused a firestorm after they raised a Confederate flag along I-95 in Chesterfield.

Over the weekend, they raised a second flag along the interstate North on I-95 toward Washington D.C.  in Stafford County.

They group held a private ceremony on Saturday morning according to

Many have called the raising of this controversial flag racist, but the group claims that the flag is a tribute to those who died for the South.

They say that landowners across the state offered them land to fly more flags since the story broke about the first one.

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  • Hm.

    With all the truly tragic things you read about in the news every day, I can’t believe people are getting so aggravated over a stupid flag.

  • Bob

    These people are just ignorant. The stars and bars are not, were not the flag of the confederacy. Stars and Bars were the battle flag.

  • Ben

    The stars and bars was the Tennessee battle flag, while the Confederate flag was very similar to the Union’s.

  • Jerry Dunford

    Wonderful, this is what I feel when I see a Confederate flag. The reason is, it is the flag of the Confederate army, and my ancestors who join this army in order to do their duty to defend their homes, their families against a military invasion
    when all the Southern states wanted was to be left alone, and to secede from the Union and it’s unfair controls and Tariffs that were in affect in the South. The war was not about slavery, the war began by Lincoln in 1861, slavery had been allowed in America since 1607, in the North and South, and the U.S. Government did not end it. Lincoln only acted in 1861 because the 11 Southern states and a couple of Northern states wanted to leave the Union, and the 11 Southern states did. Lincoln and his advisers, his money men, all knew they would loose a gigantic economy if the South left, and invaded. He expected the war to last 6 months when he invaded in 1861, so in 1863 when he was no closer to ending the war he and his cohorts decided to release the slaves in the South to get new manpower for the union army.

    Yes, you have been lied to, and my wish is for you to really dig in to the facts, then you will understand why I say the flag makes me feel wonderful.

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