Watch: Rabid fox attacks family’s dog

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Norfolk, Va. - A rabid fox acted a Bayside family's dog Sunday. The fox went after multiple people, and would have bitten them if it were not for Jim Sullivan taking action for his neighbor.

"Soon as it seen me, it ran full force at my leg and hit it," Sullivan said.

The fox scurried away before coming back a couple minutes later.

"Once it re-awoke, it came at me again and I knocked it out again right by the bush," Sullivan said.

At this point, Animal Control was there trying to locate the fox who had hidden in some bushes.

Two officers shot at it, and the fox that wouldn't die lived up to his billing. Animal Control couldn't find the fox, so they packed up and went home.

Hours went by and evening approached. Sullivan and a friend spotted the fox down the street.The two cornered the fox, and waited for animal control to get there.

"It got up and started coming right at Mike," Sullivan said. "Mike ran back and a couple steps and just shot him."

There's still a stain on the asphalt where the fox bled before dying. Unfortunately, the dog it bit had to be put down after being infected with rabies.


    • Kathy Blanchard

      i saw they got your name wrong too Josh, or Jim.. lol.. ok it;s Josh. I also noticed how they failed to mention the dog was up to date on her shots, including the rabies shot. In educating the public they should mention just because an animal is up to date on shots doesn’t give someone a 100% guarantee that their animal will not fall ill with this virus. They led the public to believe that my dog died because she got infected with the rabies virus.

  • josh sullivan

    Really hope people are more aware. I love animals. I see foxes almost every night. But this one charge at every thing in sight. Gotta be careful of wild animals. And the animal control lady was great.

    • Kathy Blanchard

      Jay, they got so many things wrong, the misspelling of rabies doesn’t shock me. How insulting to the Jewish community.

    • K

      I don’t even see these spell errors? I may be exhausted but I missed “rabbis” and anything regarding “Jews”

  • Kathy Blanchard

    For a station that was in such a hurry to air a story, I think you could have gotten some facts right. The man who knocked out the fox name was JOSH, as clearly printed on his shirt, plus he told you his name. Secondly, thanks for leading the public to believe my dog was not up to date on her shots by saying she died because she was infected with the rabies virus. There is a great deal to the virus that many people just do not know. Just because your animal is up to date, is NOT a 100% guarantee that they will not contract the virus, especially when they come in such close contact as my dog did. I lost my dog, a dog that was given to me by my best friend who passed away of cancer last year. I see now your interests lie more with the sensationalism of a story than the correct facts.

    • tallowchowder

      I’m stuck on how quickly the dog was put down. What, within hours? If it was up to date on it’s shots, surely there could have been some sort of quarantine and further medical treatment available? It seems like you didn’t even give him a chance. Jeez. I hope nobody puts me down within minutes of a possible infection.

      • Kathy Blanchard

        Tallowchowder.. No it wasn’t hours it was 4 long painful days of worrying and getting professional opinions even that of Animal Control, Health Department and Vets. Just because your dog is up to date DOES NOT GIVE a 100% guarantee that after the amount of contact she had, the amount of saliva exchanged and the the bite marks in her gums and all that she would not contact rabies. I have small children in my home. I could NOT endanger them or take the risk that this virus would not come to light. For your uneducated mind, it can indeed surface as much as a year later. I strongly suggest that you get educated as I did. This broke my heart to do this to a dog that was given to me by my best friend who passed away last year. That dog meant the world to me and if you think it was an easy choice or one I took lightly you are so sadly mistaken. Animal Control couldn’t even have adopted her out due to the risk. SO get your facts. But hey I really appreciate the fact that you can be so uncaring and judging. THere is NO MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR RABIES. That is why it’s called a FATAL disease. There are 2 types of rabies, bet you without looking it up you can’t even name them.

  • R COON

    How sad that WTKR cannot get a story right. Makes me wonder how many other sloppy reporters they have.

  • Kathy Ratcliffe

    Wow channel 3 I think you should be ashamed of your lousy reporting skills! I think a redo is in order and let’s get it right! Sheesh!

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