Girl nearly starved to death, locked in cage by parents ‘has come a very long way’

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As Brian and Shannon Gore face new homicide charges for their son's death in 2008, NewsChannel 3 has learned the daughter they nearly starved to death "continues to do very well."

"She is a tough little girl who has come a very long way," said her court appointed attorney Brian Decker in an e-mail to NewsChannel 3.  "There aren`t enough adjectives to describe just how wonderful she is."

The Gores were sentenced to 30 years in prison last year for locking their daughter in a makeshift cage and not feeding her for years.  The girl, left to feed off her own skin and feces to survive, suffered permanent brain and physical damage.  Medical records discussed during the Gores' sentencing in June 2013 suggest the girl was starved from the time she was three until she was around six years.  That's when authorities in Gloucester found her in a dark room.  They also found the remains of her younger brother under the shed.  Charges were dropped for lack of evidence in his death years ago, but new charges were filed earlier this month.

In a letter to the judge last year, her adopted mother wrote: "We will always be here to protect our daughter and be her cheering squad in the years to come."

Her father also wrote "she is intelligent enough to know she is different from her peers and cries asking why she is different," and "while other children were learning to sing songs, color.... my daughter was alone, confined and denied the most basic human needs".

Experts said the girl will need therapy and counseling for the rest of her life.

The Gores are due in court to face new homicide charges on June 10.


  • Jessica

    30 years that’s all? Why should u even go to court.. Death penalty is what they deserve!!

    • Not Important

      you go to court because it is better than nothing. we all agree the laws need to change to better protect and stand up to our children. that will never happen if we don’t take all abuse/neglect cases to court and with the help of the public to demand change in the legal system. what they did was beyond unthinkable and if only the public knew more of what happened maybe more would be inclined to push for change in protection of our children legally

  • Hm.

    I just can’t understand why people do things like this-why not just give the kid up for adoption if you don’t want them? There are many people out there who DO want them, and would gladly take them. I agree, thirty years is not enough for this pair-they should spend the rest of their lives in solitary, getting only bread and water to eat. That would be more humane than the treatment they meted out to their innocent child.

  • Carrie A Deane

    This makes me feel so angry and so sad for what the poor child had to face each day for 3 years. She would have died and they wouldn’t have cared, they probably would have buried her next to her brother under the shed. Some kids are born with special needs, and that is who they are and how they were meant to be in this world…but for a situation like this to cause a child who wouldn’t have had those struggles to feel different and question why is just completely heartbreaking. They deserve more than 30 years. I never like saying someone deserves to die, but in this case it’s really difficult not to think that way!

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