Watch: BASE-jumper brings dog along on wingsuit flight

Meet Whisper, the world’s first BASE-jumping dog.

Dean Potter, who is a self-described ‘rock climber, walker and human-body-flyer’ packs the 22-pound Australian Cattledog along when he BASE jumps in his wingsuit from mountains.

He shot this video jumping with Miss Whisper from the 13,000-foot Eiger in Switzerland.

Potter answers critics of the jumps who are concerned for the dog’s safety in a blog post, saying she is secured by a harness that’s as strong as those designed for humans.

What do you think of his jumps?

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  • Bill

    Thisis clear animal cruelty. Just look at the dog after landing, the first thing it does is try and nip at the dude’s neck. Roughly translated thats: “never do that again.”

  • NotBill

    Get your eyes examined buddy. While I’m 50/50 if this is cruel to the dog or not you clearly have no clue about dogs otherwise you would notice that what the dog was in fact doing was jumping up and kissing her “mom” and was ecstatic to see her. That said the dog looked none too happy about the flight!

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