Watch: Philippines zoo offers python massages

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CEBU CITY, Philippines (CNN) – Snake massage is the latest attraction at the Cebu City Zoo in Barangay Kalunasan, Cebu City, Philippines.

The zoo’s Burmese pythons (Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel) give visitors a 15-minute massage by slithering on their bodies.

After paying the entrance fee, zoo visitors will get a change to try the snake massage.

Tourists are first briefed on the do’s and don’ts when getting a snake massage.

Then they are asked to lie down on a bamboo bed near the zoo’s main entrance.

Zoo personnel brings out Michelle, a 13-feet python, from her bamboo cage and places her on top of the guests.

Pythons Walter, EJ, and Daniel are then brought out and also placed on guests.

The massages consists of the snakes slithering back and forth.

Zoo keepers watch over the tourists to make sure the snakes do no harm.