Teen hit by car while running from police in Norfolk

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Norfolk, Va - Tracy McCoy walked through the terrifying moments of a boy getting hit by car while running from police.

“It hit him here and literally you can see him up in the air,” Tracy McCoy explained. “He ran into the street and got hit now he is in the hospital fighting for his life.”

Norfolk police say officers were told kids were possibly using drugs at an empty building off Little Creek Road. McCoy says it was at an abandoned day care center.

Police say when they got there the kids started running and one of them darted into the street, getting hit by a car. McCoy said it happened instantly.

“There was no way for that car to stop to prevent from hitting him because once he ran in the street it was right there on him,” McCoy said.

He says the boy was just lying in the middle of the street bleeding and his first thought was to take action to save his life.

“I ran in the house, got a towel and cover his head up,” McCoy added.

McCoy says the boy was around 13-years-old. At that moment while comforting the boy he thought about his own children and wondered what could be done to prevent this from happening again.

“Let’s get these kids off the streets and give them somewhere safe to go to prevent something like this,” McCoy said. “We don`t need another child on the street because he was running from police at a young age.”


  • Robert

    What is a shame is the Police now have gotten so bad and have lost all compassion most are Perceived as nothing but Bullies and are going far and beyond the call of duty to find something to arrest you on, that people Instinctively want to run as opposed to having a conversation with the officer when approached out of fear of arrest ( Even if the person isn’t or hasn’t done anything wrong) When I was younger it was common to see the Police in neighborhoods inter acting with the community and especially the kids they were nice and respected by all, Not so much now. We all know that arrest and detention and citations is big money for the city. There was a day where Police were on duty to insure public safety, and that’s what they did, with pride, dignity and self respect But lets face it today their sole purpose is to generate income for the city. and they will do it even if it means arresting or citing anyone for any thing they can find, no matter how small. Yes they have a job too do but it is up to them as in how to do that job.

  • Michael

    Back in the, you didn’t get shot in the face by a 14 year old. Maybe the officer was just trying to make contact, maybe positive contact, but said kids mama told him to run because all cops are punks.

  • The Don

    Robert has no clue…the police showed up the kids ran…its not the police’s fault the kid ran…and I guess u would let your 13 yr old hang out where ever as well? If they weren’t doing dirt they had no reason to run now would they! ?

  • Mitch

    “Let’s get these kids off the streets and give them somewhere safe to go to prevent something like this,” What??? Are we supposed to supply them with a safe place to break the law??? These kids are guilty of a various crimes, drug, Breaking and Entering, and Trespassing, just to name a few. Basketball held little interest for them. I doubt all the gyms and special activities in the world would have kept them from their crimes.
    Sorry the “Don’t Make a Good Kid Go Bad” campaign ended years ago because of the abject stupidity of its premise.

  • The Don

    I hear u mitch! Nice response. Today’s youth could careless and bad parenting is to blame as well !!

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