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Vandals tag Plaza Little League Field after facelift

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Everywhere you look around Plaza Little League Field, there’s graffiti.

Plaza Little League board member and volunteer Joe Locy called NewsChannel 3 a year ago after someone spray painted the field buildings and even tried burning one of them down.

NewsChannel 3 covered it all. A construction company saw our stories and took action giving the fields a makeover.

“They were wonderful. They came in one day with paint, about 20 volunteers, plus ours gave this whole complex a facelift; it was great,” says Locy.

Then the vandalism stopped for nearly year until last month.

“Opening day was April 5 and we got tagged on our major field, so thank God that's the only place that got tagged,” says Locy.

Locy tells NewsChannel 3 a building was scribbled with curse words.

“We got 4-year-olds and 5-year-old young kids that are going to say ‘Mom dad what does that say what is this?’” says Locy.

Then it happened again last weekend but this time, more graffiti and someone stacked the bleachers on top of one another and put them in the middle of the field.

“I don't understand. Is it for prestige, property boundaries? What are you trying to say? What kind of message are you sending to the kids growing up?” asked Locy.

Locy says each board member has spent thousands of dollars over the years repairing everything that’s been destroyed.

Now they’re back where they started with the same questions they’ve been asking for years.

“Why? Why do you want to deface something for the kids? It's all hurting the kids. If you want to tag, tag something I don't care, but you're hurting the kids. You're hurting the league. You're hurting the community,” says Locy.


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  • Ed G.

    No suspects?! The graffiti is in Spanish, how hard is it to find a Spanish gang in VA Beach (or are they Obama’s new untouchables?)?

    • Bootsnchaps

      I am glad to see the “tagging” referred to as vandalism and graffitti. Does all this come as a surprise who think undesirables will only come to VB once light rail arrives?

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