Teen’s clever yearbook quote could get her banned from graduation

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A high school senior in Georgia could be banned from graduation after the fallout following her quote that appeared in the yearbook, according to WSB-TV.

Paris Gray is the senior class vice president, a member of SADD and the Beta Club, and a leader on campus. However, she could be kept from walking at graduation next week, according to the report.

Gray received in-school suspension and was kept from a senior walk event last week after yearbooks were distributed to students.

Inside the yearbook was Gray’s quote. The message read:

“When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer[sic] Utranium[sic] Phospheros[sic].”

However, it’s the abbreviation for those elements that got her in trouble.

“I think their reaction was beyond what it should have been because nobody understood it,” Gray told WSB-TV. Gray said the message was not flagged by editors.

Gray was told her planned graduation ceremony speech has been canceled. A school district spokesperson says that no final decision has been made.



  • Old Dad

    Looks like the grown-ups need to get a life this is not something that should ruin the graduation. And it was very clever. Very smart young lady.

  • Brandyen Wheeler

    How about they spend a little more worrying about those that aren’t going to graduate and a lot less time thinking up reasons to keep kids from graduating. This is clever and funny. Calm the hell down.

    • Patty

      That’s should have read..students own the yearbooks after they purchase them..not the school..none of their business what student write in them. Lawsuit! If they don’t let her walk!!

      • mama bear of 2 girls

        apparently, this yearbook staff puts a PRINTED quote from students in the yearbook before it is sent to the printer… so it is in every yearbook permanently. i still think it is genius though!

  • The Don

    School admin should be ashamed of themselves , and shouldn’t exclude this student from activities. She didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Sandy Carter

    The administrators are upset because they didn’t catch on before the year books were printed but it was a JOKE and a very clever one at that,she did learn something in school don’t spoil graudation for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ScottE

    The administration’s reaction is EXACTLY what is wrong with schools today! Just like the kid in Virginia Beach who was expelled for playing with a TOY gun in his OWN YARD, or the man that was arrested at a school board meeting for objecting to a book his daughter was assigned to read, the school systems have overstepped and run amock yet again. The only way to stop this kind of stuff from happening is to be active in the school board/PTA. MAKE THEM HEAR YOU!! They need to realize that we are the parents, not them, and a little prank (that most will not understand anyways) like this is no cause for action like other are considering.

  • TheNannyRules

    I thought it was clever! However… rules are rules, I guess. They have certain guidelines in place.

    • chesapeake

      but do they have specific guidelines that say she cant do this? i cant agree more with the rest of the posts…at least she learned something and is obviously creative and she spelled it right!

  • Cathy

    I don’t believe it is an appropriate punishment for the crime. They are going to rob this girl of a once in a lifetime experience . One that it sounds like she worked very hard at. Over something that most of the senior class would’ve never even caught on to if they hadn’t pointed it out by making such a big deal out of it. At least it goes to show she actually learned something in school!

  • Ellen Tiggy

    I was a yearbook editor in chief in high school and senior quotes and pictures were all screened and proof by yearbook staff and administration and i know things have not changed since then. So a parent or teacher must have got a bee up there butt about it.

  • shanae

    she’s clearly not as brilliant as some of you think…. she misspelled sulfur, uranium, and phosphorus. that being said, i don’t see why something like this should keep her from walking at her graduation.

    • Shani Smith

      True, she did misspell these words but I wouldn’t hold it against her; you’re right she should be allowed to walk. I think the school board just wants to maintain some control over the situation for future graduates or copycats who may think its ok and write something thats way too inappropriate.

    • Rita

      Wow, talk about tacky! Breeding? She a person not a puppy…. It’s creative and fun. She’s 17.Lighten up.

    • RedRocket

      I think you mean a Juvenile reference….may have been clever if not for the ELEMENTAL mistakes in spelling!

      She is obviously not ready to walk, better back that arsenic right back to chem101

  • stephanie

    just stupid. editors didn’t catch it, it’s an abbreviation, the girl’s at the top of her class…if they don’t let her walk…oh well…she’ll still go on to wonderful things!

  • Ivy

    This is completely asinine. She did not personally put her quote into the yearbook. The yearbook staff interviews students and the STAFF inputs the quotes into the yearbook.IF anyone is going to be punished, it should be those students and their adviser, not her.

  • Rita

    Good for her. She’s smart enough to use the table!!! If it were my child… I’d dare them to try and NOT let her walk with her class. I wonder how long it took the admin to figure it out. They should send the time working with students that need help passing their classes.

  • yearbook advisor

    Some parent threw a fit or they wouldn’t even be wasting time on dealing with this minor infraction.

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